Aloha! Here you will find for your enjoyment a photo gallery of some of the rarest historical ukuleles in the world. We have limited the selection on this page to the absolute finest examples to have come to Ukulele Friend. There may be other examples from the same builder posted to the site that are not posted here. For a more thorough search we recommend that you use the ‘Search for’ function and input a specific builder to explore all possible entries cataloged in to the Ukulele Friend site.

Instruments posted here may have either already been sold in the past or are instruments not for sale but currently in our inventory of world renown historical ukuleles. For many of these vintage ukuleles, we’ve taken the time to capture the voicing of each historical ukulele through studio recordings for your comparison purposes. No embellishments have been made to the sound files of any of the instruments.

Vintage Ukulele Gallery
Akai Gretsch Lyon & Healy Tabu
Camp Uke Harmony Leonardo Nunes Vita
C.F. Martin & Co. Harold Summers Maccaferri Wurlitzer
C. Knutsen Hawaiian Manuel Nunes
Dias Ka-Lai Mauna Loa
D’Angelico Kamaka Roy Smeck
Favilla Kumalae Sam Chang
Gibson Leonary Young Santo Others