1885 Manuel Nunes Ukulele


An extremely rare 1885 Manuel Nunes soprano ukulele is a world class collectible over 100 years in age. The instrument was handcrafted by Manuel Nunes, one of three Portuguese cabinet makers – Jose do Espirito Santo, Augusto Dias, and Manuel Nunes – who first came to Hawaii from the island of Madeira, Portugal in the late 1800s to work in the plantation fields. Once their contract ended, all three moved to Oahu and were credited with the invention of the ukulele.

A Hawaiian Kingdom period instrument which predates the Annexation of Hawaii. Hawaiian Koa wood back, sides, neck, and fretboard with a spruce soundboard. Multiple repairs but even at that this instrument has tremendous presence and a huge sound. It’s extremely light in weight and multiple repairs have been done to restore this historical piece to playable order.

The ukulele has a very bright yet warm and well-balanced shallow-body tone with remarkable projection for such a small instrument. ID#210046

Price: Not for Sale

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