About Ukulele Friend…

Ukulele Friend specializes in a range of the finest vintage ukuleles and custom ukuleles for purchase. Compiled with ‘Aloha’ – Here you will find videos of some of the finest handcrafted vintage ukuleles and custom ukuleles in the world. From the earliest of historical ukulele founders such as Augusto Dias, Manuel Nunes, and Jose Do Espirito Santo to the elegance and tonal complexities offered by the 21st century ukulele luthiers, each instrument is filled with ‘personality’, both aesthetically and tonally, as demonstrated through the woods, adornments, and voicing of the instruments themselves. And so for many of these instruments, we’ve taken the time to capture the voicing of each ukulele through studio recordings and ukulele videos for your educational purposes.


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Some of Hawaii’s finest musicians and guest musicians from around the world support the educational efforts of sharing their aloha and music with viewers around the world. Guess artists continue to come in so be sure to subscribe to the ‘Ukulele Friend’ Youtube page above. The list of esteemed visitors continues to grow with some of whom include:

Jake Shimabukuro, Herb Ohta Jr. Kimo Hussey, Mika Kane, Nathan Aweau, Kuana Torres Kahele, Ian O’Sullivan, Jon Yamasato, David Kaio, Harry Kojima, Zanuck Lindsey, Asa Young, Bryan Tolentino, Hale Seabury, Kama Hopkins, Andrew Molina, Kalei Gamiao, David Kamakahi, Brittni Paiva, Patrick Ranft, Elisabeth Pfeiffer, Kazuyuki Sekiguchi, Jonah Davis, David Woodward, Cory Mau, Kevin Morita, Ben Vegas, Danny Carvalho, Nani Edgar, and many more…