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Visit the Ukulele Friend Showroom by scheduled appointment to learn of some of Hawaii’s most iconic and treasured historical ukuleles and purchase select vintage and custom ukuleles from 21st century luthiers throughout the Hawaiian Islands and select parts of the world. Here below is a sample photograph of some of finest handcrafted custom ukuleles in the world. These are but a few of the ukuleles we have in our existing inventory of professional recording level ukuleles and museum grade collectible ukuleles. Call (808) 294-1046 or email [email protected] to schedule for your personal consultation.


The Showroom is located roughly 10 minutes by car from historical Waikiki – in the beautiful suburbs of Kaimuki adjacent to the slopes of Diamond Head. Here we have a quiet and professional showroom with studio qualities that enable you a cozy and designated space for sound comparison between each instrument of interest.  Receive friendly and professional dedicated consultation on the subtleties in construction, woods and other amenities of the build, the various finishes, and so much more – including the significance of specific historical ukulele and profiles of each contemporary luthier.


Address: Ukulele Friend Showroom (by appointment only)     Telephone: (808) 294-1046

  3555 Harding Avenue                                                       Email: [email protected]

  Honolulu, HI 96816