Roy Smeck `Vita` Ukulele


Classic vintage 1940s Roy Smeck `Vita` soprano ukulele in refinished condition. Roy Smeck ukuleles are amongst the great player ukuleles of the yesteryear and he was regarded by many as one of the all-time great ukulele musicians to have come from the continental USA.

Handcrafted of mahogany wood back and sides with a gorgeous spruce top, this instrument offers a full range of tones from the lows produced by the mahogany wood and exceptional mid-range and high notes from the spruce top. The fretboard is handcrafted from rosewood and the neck and bridge from mahogany wood for added stability. Classic ‘seal’ designed soundhole for added aesthetic appeal.

There are a number of repairs that have been made to the instrument but they are stable and the uke plays great as a result of it. This one is both a great collectors’ piece and a player uke. Now is your chance to own a piece of ukulele history from a partnership that greatly impacted the popularity of the ukulele in the USA, the Roy Smeck `Vita` uke.

Price: SOLD

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