1979 Custom Kamaka Ohta-san Ukulele


Custom Kamaka Ohta-san Ukulele. Extremely rare and in near mint condition. Custom 1979 Ohta-san Concert Ukulele handcrafted and signed by Samuel Kamaka Jr on the inside label and then signed by legendary ukulele virtuoso Herb Ohta Sr. on the waist of the instrument. This is No.2 of only four known to exist.

This custom Kamaka ukulele was handcrafted to the specifications given by Herb Ohta Sr. in the late 1970s and  comes at a time when Hawaiian music and the ukulele were held in great esteem. This piece was handcrafted with a 17 inch scale from nut to saddle for extended reach and playability. This also attributes to some of the complexity in tones offered by this particular instrument. (Newer production model Kamaka Ohta-san ukuleles have a 15 inch scale.)

The spruce top adds clarity, projection and sustain being a more porous tonewood than Hawaiian Koa as a soundboard wood. This allows maximum excitement on the soundboard which, in turn, accounts for the refined tones produced by this instrument. Additionally, master grade Hawaiian Koa is also used on the back and sides of this instrument for aesthetic appeal and to maintain a traditional sound. Musicians-grade ebony fretboard, top and back rosewood binding, rosewood bridge, and rosewood rosette also elude to the level of craftsmanship done by Samuel Kamaka Jr.

Also, note the lack of ‘KK’ on the headstock as well. It is said that Ohat-san specifically requested only his player ukuleles to be made this way. These are the only Ohta-san ukuleles in existence that were made exactly to the performer pieces of Ohta-san in the late 1970s and make for a wonderful and extremely rare collectible and player instrument.

Price: SOLD

カマカオータサンウクレレ (特別注文)

1979年に作られた オータサンのコンサートウクレレです。Samuel Kamaka Jr. のサインが内側のラベルに、Herb Ohta Sr. のサインがウクレレの横に入ってます。ボディのトップはスプルースでサイドとバックはコアです。ボディーのバインディング、ブリッジ、そしてサウンドホールのインレイにはローズウッドが使われています。オリジナルの状態に近い傑作です!


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