C.F. Martin & Co ‘Wurlizter’ 3K Ukulele


Vintage Martin Ukulele. Aloha! Here up for consideration is this classic era C.F. Martin & Co ‘Wurlizter’ 3K Ukulele from the 1920s era. Established in 1833, C.F. Martin & Co was recognized as the premier ukulele maker of the 20th Century stemming back as early at 1916 when it released its first production model pieces. The legacy of C.F. Martin & Co has continued to flourish well into the 21st Century, making each piece more desirable by collectors, musicians, and uke enthusiasts worldwide.  Even “The King” Elvis Presley of the classic musical entitled, “Blue Hawaii” (1961) and legendary George Harrison of the Beatles held a special place in their heart for the ukulele.

This is a tremendously rare 1920s Custom Martin ‘Wurlizter’ 3K Ukulele! This one is a custom order piece from the 1920s and is a special piece in many facets. It has been handcrafted from the prized wood for Hawaiian monarchy,  Hawaiian Koa wood, on the face, back, sides and the bridge. Ebony fretboard with custom style 5 appointed position markers. Ivroid binding in w-b-w-b-w 5-ply binding on front, which is unique when compared to the production model style 3 which has a 7-ply w-b-w-b-w-b-w ply binding. The uke also has a w-b-w 3-ply binding on on back, which is consistent for a style 3 model. The thickness of the bands in the binding and spacing between each of the bands are also characteristics which seem to indicate a full custom piece. In similar fashion the rosette has a 7-ply w-b-w-b-w-b-w ply binding around the soundhole and not a 10-ply. The branding of ‘Wurlitzer’ has been burned in to the wood at the reverse of the headstock and inside of the soundhole. The ‘Wurlitzer’ model of C.F. Martin & Co. ukuleles are amongst the most desirable collectibles due to the rarity of the piece and this one is by no means an exception, being a full custom piece and a Wurlitzer model.

The 3K was first produced in 1920 and Martin is said to have stopped production in 1938. Typically, the style 3K has a high-gloss lacquer finish whereas the style 5 would have a french polish. This particular custom has been refinished with a couple of small repairs and a high-gloss lacquer finish to restore it to its former glory.

Tonally it’s a dream as well. Very bright and great sustain too! Crisp highs and nice long lows as well. It’s very clean nonetheless and plays perfectly. This beautiful custom Martin ‘Wurlitzer’ 3K soprano ukulele also includes a period specific hard case with a repaired handle. A perfect collectors and players Martin 3K for the serious ukulele enthusiast. ID#:180146

1920s C.F. Martin & Co. ‘Wurlizter’ 3K soprano character traits:

  • ‘Wurlizter’ wood branding on back of headstock and in soundhole
  • Hawaiian Koa face, back, and sides
  • Ivriod binding / front & back with special ply
  • 17 fret ebony fretboard
  • Mahogany wood bridge and neck
  • Classic style 5 inlaid position markers
  • Total length: 21 inches
  • Body length: 9 & 7/16 inches
  • Body width: 6 & 3/8 inches
  • Scale length: 13 & 5/8 inches


Price: SOLD

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