1969 Custom Kamaka Guitar – ‘Hawaiian Koa & Spruce’


A piece of art! Extremely stunning and rare 1969 Custom Kamaka ‘Classical’ Guitar handcrafted by master luthier Samuel Kamaka. This beautiful guitar was a special commission undertaken by the Kamaka custom shop in the late sixties and has been professionally refinished to return it to its former glory.

Master grade Hawaiian curly Koa wood back and sides with master grade spruce soundboard for added clarity and depth and a full range response. Solid Spanish Cedar wood neck and Maple wood top and back binding, ebony wood fingerboard and matching Koa wood headstock cap and Cuban Mahogany wood bridge for aesthetic appeal. Intricate classical guitar rosette fashioned in traditional style and top red and purfling lines for a subtle but elegant appeal.


A phenomenal player. Excellent projection and sustain. Tremendous clarity and very well balanced notes all the way up the neck.  Very refined and rich ‘chocolatey’ tones with remarkable deep and sustained low notes and crisp clarity on the mid-rage and high notes. A true gem and a very rare custom guitar from the world’s most recognized ukulele factory, Kamaka Ukuleles & Guitars. ID#:180163


Price: SOLD

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