1910 Manuel Nunes Taropatch Ukulele


An extremely rare 1909-1910 Historical M. Nunes & Sons Taropatch, handcrafted by Manuel Nunes himself prior to the establishment of his factory production models. This world class collectible is over 100 years in age and has a wonderful full sound. The taropatch is said to have been a favorite of plantation workers and its double string construction adds volume and fullness to the instrument. Unlike the modern day 8-string ukulele which is tuned G4-G3-C3-C4-E3-E3-A4-A4 in which the G and C strings have an octave tuning, the historical tuning of the taropatch is one in parallel tuning rather than octave tuning. As such the tuning of the taropatch is traditionally G4-G4-C4-C4-E3-E3-A4-A4, giving the instrument a distinct sound in comparison to the modern day 8-string ukulele.

This taropatch was handcrafted in Hawaii by Manuel Nunes – one of three Portuguese laborers; Jose do Espirito Santo, Augusto Dias, and Manuel Nunes, who upon their arrival to Hawaii and completion of their contractural obligations to work in the plantation fields, were attributed with the creation of the ukulele. This taropatch was made in Hawaii, being that it was handcrafted entirely out of Hawaiian Koa wood. Notice the unique headstock design and fingerboard with an extension to the sound hole.

A very serious collectible piece of Hawaii’s history. The face, back, and sides were handcrafted of Hawaiian Koa wood. It’s extremely light in weight and very resonant. There have been some repairs done to the instrument over the course of its life. All in all, it’s an amazing historical piece with a very unique tone and personality all its own. ID#:230124


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