1930s Kamaka ‘Shell Inlay’ Pineapple Ukulele


Vintage Kamaka Pineapple Ukulele with abalone shell inlay from the 1930s. Beautiful and extremely rare vintage Kamaka ‘shell inlay’ pineapple ukulele. A beautiful piece from the only company whose name is synonymous with ukulele, Kamaka.

Collectible Kamaka Ukulele

This special run of ‘shell inlay’ pineapple ukuleles are amongst the most desirable and collectible Kamaka ukuleles to have been made and they were considered the custom order instruments of Kamaka’s yesteryear and extremely limited in number. It is also said that the pineapple design was the very model that help to sustain the company through the Great Depression years.

Here is one wonderful example of a true historical shell inlay Kamaka pineapple ukulele with a Mahogany wood top, back, and sides. Abalone shell rosette and matching shell soundboard and neck inlay. Original decals in excellent condition. This historical instrument plays absolutely wonderfully with very warm and pronounced tones. Excellent projection and sustain and great clarity. Classic Kamaka sound from the 1930s and a prized centerpiece for ukulele collectors and fans across the world.

There is some residue on the back of the headstock where a name plate was removed some time ago, a few scratches below the bridge that are surface in nature, a small crack on the side, and one long hairline crack on the back of the ukulele that can only be seen at certain angles. The hairline crack on the sides and back seems stable and both have not been repaired. Cracks on these old pineapple ukuleles are quite common and considering that this ukulele is roughly 85 years in age it remains in exceptional original condition and a true museum grade collectible vintage Kamaka pineapple ukulele. ID#:180152


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