1930s Leonardo Nunes ‘Radio Tenor’ Ukulele


Rare Leonardo Nunes ‘Radio Tenor’ Ukulele from the 1930s. This wonderful Nunes ‘Radio tenor’ ukulele is one of the most sought after ukuleles amongst the Nunes family of instruments. It is a ‘must have’ for the serious uke collector and a phenomenal vintage player piece as well.

The face, back, and sides are handcrafted from gorgeous Hawaiian Koa wood and this instrument boasts an elegant concentric circle rosette as well. Solid Koa wood fretboard, bridge, and neck in keeping with the theme of these early vintage pieces. Bridge pin set up for top-down force at the bridge, adding to the clarity and sustain of the instrument.

Excellent projection and sustain with nice ‘barky’ tones. Intonation is set well and ease of play is absolutely wonderful on this instrument. Center balanced in terms of overall weight of the instrument which makes it easy to cradle as well. Highly recommended ukulele. This piece is a phenomenal player instrument that continues to hold a very strong collectible value. ID#:180145

Price: SOLD

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