1800s Luiz Jose Nunes Viola da Terra


Circa 1800s. Luiz Jose Nunes Viola da Terra from St. Miguel in the Azores. An extremely rare example of a viola da terra, a guitar handcrafted in Portugal and of the viola family. Historically, the instrument is tuned ADGBD (3-3-2-2-2) in 5 courses and is related to the old guitar-like Spanish/Portuguese viola family. Considered a folk instrument, the viola da terra continues to be handcrafted by luthiers of the Azores to this day and enjoyed by the people of the islands. The Madeiran version, called the viola de arrame, has slight differences in appearance; specifically the headstock and bridge, and has been known to both use the same tuning at the viola da terra in some instances as well as use employ its own unique alternate tuning. ID#180239.

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