Custom J. Wolverton Tenor Ukulele – SALE


New. Beautiful Custom Wolverton Tenor Ukulele handcrafted by Jason Wolverton of Laguna Beach, California, USA. This beautiful tenor ukulele is a remarkable playing and sounding ukulele with a rare lattice bracing and ‘F-hole’ construction. A wonderful ukulele with great warmth and clarity and a 12 fret joint to the body.

Luthier Background.

In 2003 and 2005 Jason Wolverton studied Spanish guitar construction with Jose Romanillos in Siguenza, Spain. It was a great privilege for him not only to learn from such a master, but also to meet such a truly warm person who also happens to be one of the world’s greatest guitar makers. It was Jason’s goal as a luthier to capture the sweet, singing sound of the traditional Spanish guitar and in his opinion, this was the sound of a Torres and Romanillos.

Jason’s experience studying with Romanillos has not only shaped his ideas about the sound of the classical guitar, but also his ideas of visual aesthetics. To behold an instrument of Romanillos is an incredible experience. From a purely visual standpoint, a Romanillos is a remarkable piece of art. Harmony and balance between wood, marquetry, and form; tasteful decoration that augments the natural beauty of the woods used. These elements are all very important to him as a luthier and from this position, he undertook his craft at building and has come to be highly respected as a luthier of some of the finest guitars and ukuleles available on the market.

This beautiful Custom Wolverton Tenor Ukulele was crafted out of the finest materials with comfort, tone, and playability in mind. Handcrafted of a curly Redwood soundboard and a Claro Walnut wood back and sides, this custom Wolverton tenor ukulele has a wonderful response to even the lightest strum or picking of a string. The sides have been laminated to stiffen it up and drive the vibrations back into the soundboard. An even-grained Redwood was used for the soundboard and offers a warm and inviting quality to the resonance of the instrument. Claro Walnut, a tree that typically grows between 30 – 60 ft in height in Northern and Central California, and is known for its warm and earthy tone and a depth similar to rosewood with a clarity of mahogany. The instrument also boasts a musician’s grade Macassar Ebony wood fretboard with gold EVO frets and matching Macassar ebony wood bridge. Elegant top and back wood purfling, a gorgeous African Wenge wood top and back binding, a Jasper, Maple, and Padauk wood back and end graft appointments with matching marker inlays on positions 1, 3, 5, 7, 10, 12, 15, and 17 with a 12 fret joint to the body and 20 overall frets, keeping the bridge in the sweet spot of the lower bout. Tinted Honduras Mahogany wood neck. Professional Schaller GrandTune geared tuners for smooth and precise tuning. Beautiful French polish finish.

Inspired by the Native American tribes, this beautiful ukulele is called “The River” for its flowing patters in the wood and pays tribute to the masterful designs and color schemes of Native American Indians. A gorgeous fingerboard and bridge inlay was meticulously done in Jasper, Maple, and Padauk wood with a matching rosette inlay, end graph, and back center strip – in keeping with the theme of the instrument.  This piece is a reflection of Jason’s upbringing at camp as a child – where he was known as “Running Bear” and his father as “Sitting Bear”.

The instrument has an asymmetrical fan bracing with carbon fiber reinforced transverse struts, which accounts for its wonderful projection and sound. It has a warm tone with nice lows and balanced clarity. A stunningly beautiful piece with a wonderful sound and tribute from a highly regarded luthier in handcrafted ukuleles, Jason Wolverton. Highly recommended for both the recreational player or the seasoned musician. ID:#230126

Price: $4,500.00  SALE PRICE: $3,975.00


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