1950s Lyon & Healy Concert Ukulele


Gorgeous concert sized Lyon & Healy concert ukulele handcrafted in Chicago, U.S.A. in the 1950s in fully original condition. Considered a mainstream competitor of musical instrument giants C.F. Martin & Co and Gibson, the Washburn company was founded by George Washburn Lyon and Patrick Joseph Healy in 1864. The company offered a number of different models, sizes, and designs and both in mahogany wood and Hawaiian koa. Perhaps one of it’s greatest appeals was the competitive price point in which these instruments were offered to ukulele enthusiasts throughout the U.S.A; typically at prices slightly lower than Martin and Gibson for comparative models.

This gorgeous Lyon & Healy Concert Ukulele was handcrafted from mahogany wood with a rosewood fingerboard and a classic thin body design. Excellent center balance with a warm refined mahogany wood sound that sparks memories of a simpler and earlier time.

Price: SOLD

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