1940s Kamaka Cigar Box Ukulele


One of the ultimate historical and collectible ukuleles on the vintage market, handcrafted by Samuel Kamaka Jr. This wonderful piece remains in original condition with normal strum and play wear. Historians say that only a few of these vintage Kamaka cigar box ukuleles were created by Samuel Kamaka Jr. in the 1940s-1950s. This beautiful piece is the very same instrument featured in the ukulele book, “The Ukulele: A Visual History” by Jim Beloff. The ukulele is featured on page 83 and is the top instrument – there are two pictures of a Kamaka cigar box ukulele on the page.

Urban legend says that Samuel Kamaka Jr. had a neighbor who enjoyed smoking cigars and as he smoked the cigars he was left with the empty cigar boxes. The man gave 12 of these vintage cigar boxes to Kamaka – of which Kamaka successfully made 7 cigar box ukuleles. The neck and fretboard are hand carved from Hawaiian monkeypox wood and the body of the instrument is made from the 1886 cigar box (cedar wood) complete with the original metal hinges on the soundboard. Thinner tones due to the soundbox wood and minimal volume of cubic airspace in the box itself.

One of the most collectible and memorable vintage Kamaka ukuleles to have been made. See photos below for additional reference. Photos of the book have also been included for your enjoyment. Notice that this instrument also appears on the inside cover page as well. A very historical and highly collectible piece. ID#:180154

Price: $5,500.00

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