Custom Vento Tenor Ukulele


New. A beautiful Custom Vento Tenor Ukulele handcrafted on the island of Hawai’i by Fred Vento of Vento Music. This is a wonderfully handcrafted cutaway model with a focus on ‘simple elegance’.

This Custom Vento Tenor Ukulele has its back and sides handcrafted of Hawaiian Milo wood, handpicked on the Island of Hawai’i and the soundboard was fashioned from musician’s grade Engelmann wood that has been perfectly quartersawn. Hawaiian Milo wood is a coastal growing wood and is often found immediately on the shorline. This often equates to much of the tree being unusable, often possessing rot. Due to the smaller nature of these trees securing a set of wood for a guitar or ukulele is quite difficult. For the few sets that can be used for instruments, however, it makes for a beautiful instrument both visually and tonally. Hawaiian Milo wood is highly sought after by luthiers in Hawaii due to its tonal qualities, being in the family of Rosewoods but due to its rarity it is most frequently found being used for a range of small items such as small jewelry boxes, small bowls, or pens by many of Hawaii’s artisans. Larger pieces are extremely difficult to come by and make ukuleles and guitars of Milo wood a precious find but some of the best out there.

The neck has been carved from solid Honduran mahogany wood for added stability and increased sustain on the instrument and the fretboard has been slightly radiused for ease of play on the wrist angle of the player in the higher positions on the neck. Musicians grade Macassar Ebony wood was used on the fingerboard with a matching Macassar Ebony wood bridge and headstock plate in keeping with the earthy theme of the instrument. Classic tie-bridge construction with the top and back binding handcrafted from Bigleaf Maple wood harvested from the Pacific Northwest. Elegant black-white-black-white-black accent lines around the soundboard. Beautiful ‘Vento’ Bigleaf Maple wood logo inlay on the headstock with Maple wood position markers on 5, 7, 10, and 12 in keeping with the theme of the instrument. Slotted headstock design with professional open-geared Grover tuners and a 14:1 gear ratio for precise tuning. Bone nut and saddle and a high gloss poreless nitrocellulose finish. This Vento cutaway model is very rare find with regards to his builds.

This beautiful Vento tenor ukulele really sings and has excellent volume and sustain with a nice warm and round tone. Paired with the Engelmann spruce, this is a fantastic combination that finds wonderful balance between the crisp high notes offered by the spruce and the low end by the Hawaiian Milo wood. Highly recommended for those with slightly larger hands or perhaps guitar players who are looking for a fuller neck design. Now is your chance to have a phenomenal player instrument from one of Hawaii’s hidden luthiers, Fred Vento of the Big Island of Hawai’i. Only a few instruments are handcrafted yearly. ID#:210044

Price: SOLD

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