Custom Ziegenspeck ‘Sky’ Concert Ukulele


New 2020. Custom Ziegenspeck ‘Sky’ Concert Ukulele. A beautiful custom ukulele handcrafted by Tom Ziegenspeck of Rudolstadt, Germany. Tom studied at the famed luthier school, University of Applied Sciences for Building Stringed Instruments in Markneukirchen, Germany where his theoretical and practical expertise earned him the degree of “Zupfinstrumentenbaumeister” or “Master Luthier”.  The little town of Markneukirchen is steeped in woodworking traditions and is the same small town where Christian Fredrick Martin Sr, or C.F. Martin I of the legendary C.F. Martin & Co, was born and where he would build his first professional grade instruments prior to moving to the US in 1833. This tradition of finely handcrafted instruments from this region continues to this day through the rich legacy of Ziegenspeck Ukuleles as demonstrated by Tom’s most recent prestigious award; the coveted, Berlin and East Germany Prestige Awards – Bespoke Instrument Maker of the Year.

With a focus on simple elegance and tone, Ziegenspeck ukuleles are handcrafted with the finest materials and approaches to luthiery with only a limited number of instruments available per year but some of the most sought after full custom ukuleles in Europe. The low number of instruments handcrafted per year is a testimony to the remarkably high level of quality and meticulous care he invests in to each piece, yielding both an aesthetically beautiful instrument with truly remarkable tones. Absolutely incredible in all aspects of construction and sound. This gorgeous Custom Ziegenspeck ‘Sky’ Concert Ukulele was handcrafted with an American Walnut back and sides and a European Larch wood top. Traditional 15 inch scale from nut to saddle. Beautiful leadwood fretboard and bridge with a 14 fret joint to the body for added reach in the higher positions on the neck. Elegant mother-of-pearl position markers inlaid on positions 5, 7, 10, 12, and 15 with an accent inlay of the ‘Peace Dove’ on position 12. Matching American Walnut wood top and back binding with leadwood bound fretboard and American Walnut veneered headstock. Mahongay wood neck for added stability. Black-white-black top purfling lines with single European Cherry wood side and back purfling. Matching mother-of-pearl circular rosette with classic compass-themed American Walnut inlay and sea-blue dyed inner sound hole rosette. Professional Der Jung – vintage style – geared tuners with 18:1 gear ratio for smooth and precise tuning. Ziegenspeck passive piezzo undersaddle pick up for quick plug and play. Gorgeous Satin finish for a smooth to the touch feel.

The American Walnut offers the bright woodiness of mahogany when played lightly, with much of the punchiness and power of rosewood when you dig in while the European Larch is harder and stronger than most conifers including spruce. It bears a close visual resemblance to Sitka spruce and due to its increased stiffness, it yields a projective and crisp response. A wonderful custom ukulele handcrafted by one of Europe’s finest ukulele luthiers, Tom Ziegenspeck. This wonderful ukulele has tremendous projection, sustain, and clarity with excellent tonal balance. Highly recommended. ID#200047

Price: SOLD

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