“The Gibson” Tenor Ukulele


Extremely rare – 1920’s Gibson Tenor Ukulele. ‘The Gibson’ logo on headstock. This uke is constructed with mahogany wood back and sides and a spruce top nearly ninety years ago. The instrument remains in all original condition with a twelve fret joint to the body and eighteen overall frets to the soundhole. The top and back is bound with a classic white celluloid binding, the fretboard and bridge are carved from rosewood, and these early models have a classic five-pin bridge pin setup (the fifth pin was simply used as a backup pin and has, unfortunately, been misplaced).

These early tenor model Gibson ukuleles are tremendously difficult to locate and were tremendously popular amogst early uke musicians (they’ve been played … and played… and played …) – but along with that came a very refined and mature sound. This era of Gibson ukulele is regarded as both highly collectible and incredibly wonderful as player instruments.

The spruce top brightens up the overall tones and adds a nice mid-range while the mahogany back and sides attests to its beautiful rich deep tones. The sustain and projection of this instrument is truly remarkable as well. Highly recommended player uke and a very rare find!

Price: SOLD

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