Custom Seilen Concert Ukulele


Preowned. Custom Seilen Concert Ukulele by Takahashi Shinji of Nagano, Japan. An incredible piece from one of Japan’s most foremost luthiers for custom ukuleles. Takahashi Shinji has refined his craft and passion for building over the last 30 years and has won numerous awards in Japan and Hawaii for his stunning attention to detail and remarkable tones offered by his handcrafted ukuleles. Takahashi Shinji handcrafts only a limited number of instruments himself and these instruments are all represented under the label, ‘Seilen’ – not to be confused with those made by his employees, which are sold under the label of ‘T’s Ukuleles and T’s Guitars. It is the Seilen label that is among the most coveted ukuleles in Japan and solely handcrafted by master luthier, Takahashi Shinji. The work, stunning in every way. Each ukulele is absolutely beautiful and stunning in construction with a high level of attention to detail in design, workmanship, and tone – yielding instruments pleasing to both the professional musician and the recreational ukulele enthusiast.

This Custom Seilen Concert Ukulele comes complete with master grade set of curly Hawaiian Koa wood face, back, and sides with some wonderful dark vertical streaks as well. The fingerboard, bridge, and headstock plate was carved from a musician’s grade set of Brazilian rosewood. Creating a unique aesthetic appeal, Shinji inlaid paual abalone shell on the soundboard, giving the instrument a simple but elegant appearance with no top or back binding; although it appears it has a top binding by the way the abalone shell was inlaid into the soundboard – a beautiful piece of art!

This beautiful instrument also boasts a gorgeous abalone shell vine inlay on the soundboard with leaves on positions 3, 5, 7, 10, 12, 15, and 17 for a subtle but quick reference when playing. Matching paua abalone shell rosette in keeping with the theme of the instrument with a ‘paua’ abalone shell Seilen logo on the headstock. Beautiful satin finish. Professional Gotoh UPT tuners for quick and precise tuning.

Handcrafted in Nagano, Japan by legendary luthier Takahashi Shinji, this Custom Seilen concert ukulele is the culmination of the finest materials and lutherie from Japan. Indeed, a classic and acute building style that only comes with experience but yet a contemporary flair in aesthetics and a sound that appeals to the most acute ears. Wonderful tonal qualities. Perfect intonation with nice crisp highs, great clarity, and a balanced midrange as well. Wonderful projection and sustain. An excellent recording level instruments ideal for the professional musician and weekend player as well – a highly sought after custom ukulele that is a rare find here in the US. ID#:230026

Price: SOLD

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