1930s Royal Hawaiian Ukulele


One of many luthiers who studied under the tutelage of the Kamaka family, Sam Chang was a builder who learned his craft through employment at the Kamaka factory before going his separate way. Over the years, Sam was known to build for the Summers Brothers, including labels such as the Moana, Famous Waikiki Ukulele, and the Royal Hawaiian in addition to the Sam Chang label.

This wonderful historical ukulele was handcrafted around the 1930s out of Hawaiian Koa wood face, back, and sides. The neck, fretboard, and bridge also retain the traditional feel by also being hand carved from Hawaiian Koa wood.  Simple triple white concentric circle rosette for classic appeal. Mismatch of wooden friction tuners.

Warm, rich, and traditional tones that rings the nostalgic sound of old Hawaii. Excellent sustain and projection and quite the spitfire for a soprano sized ukulele.

Price: SOLD

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