Custom Road Toad Semi-Hollow Bass Ukulele

カスタム・Owen Holt Jr

Custom ukuleles by Road Toad Ukulele for sale. Beautiful custom Road Toad Semi-Hollow Bass ukulele handcrafted by luthier Owen Holt Jr. (UGH Luthier). This beauty is in excellent original condition and has received very little play. No cracks. No repairs.

This custom Road Toad Semi-Hollow Bass ukulele is handcrafted from master grade curly Claro Walnut wood. The instrument has a rosewood fretboard and bridge and special strings that project wonderful deep bass tones. Pick-up installed for for quick plug-n-play performance. Great tones, wonderful sustain, incredible craftsmanship and a blast to play too!

Road Toad makes only a few instruments per year and so these custom ukuleles are very difficult to come by. They play wonderfully and have an exceptional aesthetic appeal.

Price: SOLD

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