Custom R. Hayase Concert Ukulele


Circa 2017. Preowned. Beautiful custom concert ukulele handcrafted by luthier Rin Hayase of Oita, Japan. An accomplished luthier of ukulele and guitar, Rin studied at the famed Roberto-Venn School of Luthiere. One of Japan’s rising stars in string instrument construction, Rin continues to be praised by his luthier peers. Incorporating his knowledge and understanding of string instrument luthiery, Rin utilizes the finest materials and aspires to handcraft beautiful instruments that are both aesthetically pleasing and sound wonderful.

This wonderful Custom R. Hayase Concert Ukulele is crafted from a gorgeous master grade set of Japanese Kuwa wood on the face, back, and sides with a matching Kuwa neck. Otherwise known as Japanese Mulberry, this wood has been highly sought after by Japanese craftsman of cabinets, bowls and and decorative objects for centuries. In more recent times, this wood has caught the ears of skilled luthiers such as Rin for its clear and precise tonal qualities as well. The result is something truly special. The ukulele also incorporates a Brazilian rosewood fretboard and bridge and a matching Brazilian rosewood top and back binding, creating a beautiful contrast with the cream-colored Kuwa wood body. Gorgeous rope wood rosette and accent inlay on the headstock. In keeping with the theme of the instrument,  a stylish Kuwa wood veneer was also used on the headstock. Position marker inlay on the fretboard for quick reference on positions 5, 7, 10, and 12, and 15 with a 14 fret joint to the body. The instrument also boasts musician’s grade open-geared tuners for smooth and precise tuning.

Perfect for both fingerpick style and strumming, this ukulele has tremendous presence and full sound with beautiful note separation. Excellent clarity and projection. It is also easy to play all the way up the neck and reaching into the higher positions on the neck is easily accomplished with a 14 fret joint to the body, a feature uncommon on a concert sized ukulele. Highly recommended player ukulele from one of Japan’s best upcoming luthiers. ID#:220035

Price: SOLD

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