Custom Po Sans “Rustic” Tenor Ukulele


New. Custom Po Sans “Rustic” Tenor Ukulele by luthier “Po” of Sapporo, Japan. An incredible approach to 21st century ukulele lutherie, Po continues to design elements into his builds that elevate his pieces into the category of functional art. His interest in finely handcrafted ukuleles and guitars began in 1997 when he studied under famed Japanese luthiers, Mitsuhiro and Izumi Uchida of Nagano, Japan. In 2001, Po began his journey as a new luthier in handcrafted guitars and ukuleles and continued on this path for ten years, handcrafting some of the finest guitars and ukuleles in Japan. During this time Po also pursued his other passion in life, his licensure in Japanese “Kaiseki” or “Japanese multi course fine dining”- pausing his career as a luthier and redirecting his creative elements in new ways. Over the next ten years, Po worked as a Kaiseki chef at some of Japan’s most prestigious Kaiseki restaurants. In 2021, he returned to his first love of woodworking and has since found a way to combine his pursuit of expressive creativity, that which he learned through Japanese Kaiseki cuisine, with his passion for finely handcrafted instruments. The result is something truly magnificent!

Po handcrafts a limited number of instruments per year and each possess its own aesthetic and tonal personality. His instruments reflect old world Japanese artistry with contemporary applications. Handcrafted in Sapporo – Japan, this custom Po Sans Ukulele was crafted of the finest materials. The soundboard was cut from a premium set of Sinker Redwood. Sinker redwood are redwood trees that were harvested and sent downriver to processing mills but sank at some point along the way. They are extremely difficult to recover and are often buried under silt that has accumulated over the years. Nonetheless, these logs are highly sought after by luthiers for their structural and tonal characteristics, having been subjected to low oxygen levels at extreme cold temperatures at the bottom of the river floor. It is very stiff and lightweight, making it ideal for soundboards and uniquely distinct in its structural properties when compared to a typical redwood. The back and sides are a rare set of curly black-and-white ebony wood with wide band figure in the wood. Black-and-white ebony, also known as crelican ebony, is among the most sought after ebony woods and is highly regarded for its unique aesthetics and tone. The Sinker redwood scoop cutaway, headstock, and top and back binding are of South American Rosewood and offer a stark contrast to the back and sides of the instrument. Black dyed poplar wood purfling lines on the soundboard give an elegant separation from the sinker redwood soundboard and that of the binding. Cameroon ebony wood radiused fretboard for ease of play in higher positions on the neck and a South American Rosewood bridge. The fingerboard has been inlaid with ancient bog oak, ebony, and brown dyed poplar wood. Matching black mother-of-pearl, black dyed poplar, and ancient bog wood rosette in keeping with the artistic feel of the instrument.  The instrument has a blend of varying finishes with some sections being high gloss and some with reduced gloss or matte style finish, adding a unique play visually and to the touch – absolutely stunning! The headstock design embraces the Japanese concept of “sabi” – or “artful mending of damage”. Po reveals his design elements of “sabi” by giving the impression that a repair at the headstock has been completed; namely the two small dowels connecting the left plate of the headstock to the right. In contrast, this concept is uniquely Japanese and is rooted in centuries old Japanese philosophy, having been incorporated into the instrument as a design element. The back plate on the headstock is also of South American Rosewood. Spanish cedar wood neck with”zero heel” and truss rod for added stability and transference of the vibrations back into the soundbox. The zero heel allows for maximum reach higher up on the neck without the worry of the heel of the neck obstructing your playing in higher positions. Side sound port for a monitor like effect by which the sound fires upward towards the player in addition to outward toward the audience. Long body bevel for added comfort when cradling. Side mother-of-pearl position markers on the neck for quick reference when playing.

“At first glance, it has a simple and rustic impression, but it has a dignified appearance, and the composition is not so beautiful that you can see at a glance, but you can feel the scenery and expressions that you can see when you hold it in your hand. For example, there is a piece of cloth that appears to be a single color until you pick it up. When you pick up the fabric, which used to look like only a single color, you can finally understand the complex colors and patterns and feel the texture that you did not know until you touched it. In the same way, this model also incorporates elements that are not noticed just by looking at it in the design of color scheme. It is not that you cannot see it, but I tried to express with this model “Rustic” that there is an “essential beauty” that is overlooked when you do not try to see it even though you should be able to see it. The sides are 30% less glossy than the top and back creating and uneven feel and creating an atmosphere like ceremics.” – Po Sans

Remarkable tonal qualities. Perfect balance, crisp highs and deep lows and perfect intonation as well. This instrument is perfect for the professional musician and the recreational player. A highly recommended custom ukulele by Po Sans Guitars and Ukuleles. #230090

Price: $5,850.00

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