Custom Petros Tenor Ukulele – Hawaiian Koa & Redwood


Preowned.  Custom ukuleles by Bruce Petros. Beautiful Petros Tenor Ukulele handcrafted by luthier and artist Bruce Petros of Kaukauna, WI. Bruce a luthier of finely crafted instruments for over 40 years handcrafts some of the most aesthetically pleasing and tonally balanced instruments on the market. Since 2000 his son Matthew has also joined the ranks of fine luthiery practices alongside his father in making instruments for all to enjoy.  Together, this father-son duo continues to build ukuleles and guitars that are regarded as some of the finest in the world.

Bruce Petros Bio

Bruce discovered his love of guitar making at the age of 19. After realizing that he yearned to do something he was passionate about, he quit college and took a job on a dude ranch in Colorado on a whim. While there, Bruce happened upon a $15 guitar making kit. It was crude, but once completed he knew he had found his calling. Bruce began building his own guitars and attending luthier conventions whenever possible. He then took a position assisting a maker of tracker action pipe organs, which provided him with invaluable insight into temperament, scales, and tone production, and simultaneously began building his dream home complete with a well-outfitted guitar shop below. This is where Petros Guitars resides to this day. Bruce continues his work with his son, Matthew.

Since establishing Petros Guitars in 1972, Bruce Petros has been building unique, custom, handmade acoustic guitars and ukuleles for discriminating guitar and ukulele players and collectors. by meticulously constructing each instrument from the finest master-grade woods and using innovative techniques, Petros guitars and ukuleles are some of the most sought after instruments in the world. Bruce has devoted more than half of his life to the pursuit of excellence in guitar and ukulele making and he builds each instrument with both the player and the audience in mind, combining new technologies with time-honored craft secrets. His mission is really quite simple: to build instruments the sound wonderful and are a joy to play.

Matthew Petros Bio

Matt began spending every moment he could in his father’s guitar shop in the basement of their Wisconsin home as soon as he was old enough to make it down the stairs. It was soon clear to his father that he had the same penchant for woodworking and innovating that his father did. By the time Matt was 22 years old, Petros Guitars and Ukuleles had grown to the point that orders were coming in quickly enough to bring him on full time. Today, Matt builds the majority of each instrument produced at the shop. His extensive skills and abilities allow Bruce to continue developing new models, tooling, jigs, and designs that keep Petros Guitars and Ukuleles at the top of their game.


This beautiful Custom Petros Tenor Ukulele was handcrafted with the finest materials and the utmost care. The theme of this ukulele is Hawaiian flora. This elegant Petros tenor ukulele, boasts a quarter sawn figured Redwood soundboard with curly Hawaiian Koa wood back and sides. The neck has been carved from Butternut wood and compliments the golden hues of the Koa wood body.  The fretboard and bridge have been handcrafted of musicians-grade Ebony wood with an intricate ebony inlaid cover plate at the bridge, adding to the elegant feel of the ukulele. Cherry wood top and back binding with side sound port also bound in Cherry wood. Hawaiian flora inlay position markers on positions 3, 5, 7, 10, 12, and 15 for quick reference. Classic headstock design with ‘P’ and decorative scroll inlay. Gorgeous top, back, and side wood accent lines for a simple yet elegant appeal. The headstock veneer is also of ebony and compliments the fingerboard and bridge perfectly. Beautiful flora inspired rosette of ebony and maple wood with a Dichrolam double rosette inlay. Vintage amber buffalo bone nut and saddle and professional Rubner slotted headstock tuners for quick and precise tuning.

A uniquely elegant ukulele in appearance, this wood combination of Hawaiian Koa and Redwood wood is an attractive one in the world of ukuleles but beyond its appearance is the tonal variation offered through Bruce’s woodworking knowledge and his design that gives this instrument its greatest appeal. It is quite light in weight and has wonderful sustain, clarity, and projection with a focus in the mid-range area. Petros ukuleles come highly recommended by professional musicians and ukulele enthusiasts alike and those who own one understand the privilege that comes with such a beautiful playing instrument. ID#:240014

Price: $7,500.00

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