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New. Custom ukuleles by Pegasus Ukuleles. Beautiful Pegasus 4-String Tenor Ukulele handcrafted in the classic shape by luthier Bob Gleason of  Kurtistown, HI. Bob handcrafts some of not only the most aesthetically pleasing ukuleles available on the market but also professional recording level instruments for both the professional musician and recreational player. Bob has been handcrafting some of Hawaii’s finest guitars and ukuleles for nearly 50 years!

Built in the classic round-bodied lower bout rather than the contemporary shape, the body of this custom Pegasus tenor ukulele was handcrafted from some of the oldest wood on the planet. The soundboard was cut from modern New Zealand Kauri wood, harvested within the last few years. It has the structural offerings similar to a spruce and cedar, being porous in nature, but with a wonderful tone that falls somewhere in between the two. The back and sides is cut from the legendary “Ancient Kauri” tree, wood that was unearthed in a New Zealand swamp. Known as “Ancient Kauri”, these trees are estimated to have taken 1,200-1,600 years to mature to full size and have a similar circumference to the Giant Redwood trees of the Pacific Northwest. Conversely, they do not grow very tall but rather wide. With modern technology, scientists have carbon-dated these ancient trees and estimate its age to be around 50,000 years, having been preserved in an oxygen free environment underwater in a New Zealand bog. Having been subjected to extreme cold temperatures over tens of thousands of years, the wood has changed in texture, color, and hardness – hence the variation in color, stiffness, and appearance from the modern Kauri wood soundboard. Ancient Kauri is extremely rare and wood suitable for use on instruments is not only costly but also difficult to come by due to the nature of the tree and patterns in the wood grain. Consequently, this wood continues to be highly sought after by luthiers for its remarkable history as well as for its structural and tonal characteristics.

The fretboard and bridge are crafted from Hawaiian Kolohala wood, or “Pheasant Wood” grown on the Big Island of Hawaii. Gorgeous Hawaiian Milo wood top and back body binding with a matching Milo wood headstock veneer. Curly Hawaiian Koa wood fretboard binding for a smooth feel up and down the neck when playing. Hawaii-grown Spanish cedar wood neck with a carbon fiber truss rod for added structural integrity, reduced weight, and increased sustain – transferring the energy as it moves through the strings and the neck in to the sound box of the instrument with greater stiffness and quicker resolve. The ukulele was also built with Bob’s “Projection” style laminated spruce and ebony back braces, which stiffen up the back without adding much weight. Slotted headstock design. The fretboard has been slightly radiused at 16″ for ease of play on the wrist angle in higher positions on the neck. Beautiful paua shell or abalone shell rosette. Classic mother-of-pearl ‘Pegasus’ inlay on the headstock with abalone shell position markers on 5, 7, 10, 12, and 15 and a special Hawaiian Na’ia or ‘dolphin’ inlay on the third fret. The heel cap and bridge also have a hand-cut piece of abalone shell as a signature mark of Pegasus Ukuleles. All the shell inlay is solid shell. No laminates were used. Gorgeous black-teal-black accent lines on the top, back, sides and on the rosette of the instrument attesting to the skills of the build. Professional Grover slotted headstock tuners for smooth and precise tuning. Side sound port for a monitor-like effect by which the sound projects both upwards towards the player as well as outward towards the audience. The finish is a combination of shellac and lacquer that produces a smooth satin feel, allowing for a less sticky surface as you cradle the instrument and your hands glide up and down the fretboard.

All of Bob’s ukuleles are meticulously crafted from the finest materials and with stunning attention to detail. They are amongst the most sought after ukuleles and some of the most difficult to acquire. A true work of art and one of the most highly regarded luthiers out of Hawaii. Bob’s instruments have perfectly set intonation, are very cleanly built, and offer precise tones all the way up the neck. Easy to play with a vibrant and full sound. The Ancient Kauri combined with the modern Kauri has made for an ukulele that is not only visually unique and likely the oldest ukulele you’ve ever seen but it also offers some wonderful distinct tones – making it ideal for fingerpicking style but also wonderful for strumming. Nice balanced sound with a low end that would be expected from a Rosewood with the clarity and projection resembling that of a spruce or cedar soundboard. Crisp and clean notes with an ease in playing all throughout the neck. Pegasus Ukuleles are handcrafted with all the warmth of true ‘Aloha’. Nothing but the best in high end custom ukuleles from Bob Gleason!!! ID#210071

Price: SOLD

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