Custom Pegasus Guitar


Preowned. Circa 1994. Custom Pegasus Guitar. Beautiful Pegasus 6-String Guitar handcrafted by luthier Bob Gleason of  Kurtistown, HI. Bob handcrafts some of not only the most aesthetically pleasing guitars and ukuleles available on the market but also professional recording level instruments for both the professional musician and recreational player.

Built with a big and bold sound in mind, this guitar is phenomenal for both recreational play in standard tuning or stage performance in slack key tuning. It has all the benefits of a full volume and projection with great clarity and remarkable sustain. The back and sides of the instrument are made of Macassar Ebony wood from Bobs treasure of exotic reserved woods and the soundboard was fashioned from musician’s grade Western Cedar wood. The neck has been carved from solid Honduran mahogany wood with an Ebony wood stringer for added structural integrity and sustain. The fretboard has been crafted of Gabon Ebony wood matching Ebony wood bridge. Hawaiian Koa wood top and back binding. The Macassar Ebony wood back and sides presents an elegant contrast with that of the Cedar soundboard. Gorgeous matching master grade Gabon Ebony wood headstock veneer giving the instrument a regal and aesthetic appeal. The heel cap also has a hand-cut piece of abalone shell. The tuners are professional slotted headstock geared tuners for precise tuning. Fishman active pick up with adjustments. Micarta saddle and nut with a high gloss poreless nitrocellulose finish. Minor cosmetic wear given the age and one shallow dip toward the bottom of the center plate of the three-piece Macassar Ebony wood back.

All of Bob’s guitars and ukuleles are meticulously crafted from the finest materials and with stunning attention to detail. They are among the most sought after ukuleles and yet some of the most difficult to acquire. A true work of art aesthetically with some of the cleanest luthiery techniques employed by the 21st century ukulele luthier. Bob’s instruments have perfectly set intonation, are very cleanly built, and offer precise tones all the way up the neck. The Macassary Ebony wood back and sides and Western Cedar soundboard give this instrument a nice warm and balanced tone with clean notes all the way up the neck.

Pegasus Guitars and Ukuleles are handcrafted with all the warmth of true ‘Aloha’. Nothing but the best in high end custom instruments from Bob Gleason!!! ID#200084

Price: SOLD

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