Custom Pat Megowan Tenor Ukulele


Circa 2015 (began) and completed in 2017. Preowned. Excellent condition. Custom Pat Megowan Tenor Ukulele handcrafted by Pat McGowan at the base of Vineyard Mountain outside Corvallis Oregon. This beautiful tenor ukulele is a reflection of Pat’s love of the outdoors as demonstrated by the simple but elegant aesthetic of the instrument. His use of natural characteristics in the woods to add compliment yet contrast to the build is something that transcends the build process and is somewhat more of functional art. The result is a masterpiece with a sound that is absolutely remarkable in every way!

This beautifully handcrafted Custom Pat McGowan Tenor Ukulele was handcrafted with meticulous care and the utmost quality in materials with comfort, tone, and playability in mind. Handcrafted of African Blackwood back and sides and an Bearclaw Swiss Spruce soundboard, this wood combination in the hands of a master luthier is truly remarkable.  African Blackwood is highly regarded as one of the premiere tonewoods in the world. Its dense nature gives the instrument tremendous low end and a quick response for tremendous projection, yet a clarity that is exceptional and world class as well. The Bearclaw Swiss Spruce adds a great deal to the mid-range and highs of this instrument and gives this ukulele an overall wonderful balance between the low end and high end range, allowing the sound to cut through a crowded room with tremendous ease. Gabon ebony wood fingerboard, Madagascar Rosewood bridge, and a Port Orford Cedar neck are a few additional amenities on this beautiful work of art. The instrument also boasts a matching African Blackwood top and back binding with rosette and elegant purfling lines on the top, back, and sides of the instrument to give a subtle contrast to that of the body. Side sound port for a monitor-like effect, allowing for the sound to project upwards towards the player as well as outwards. Professional Gotoh UPT geared tuners for quick and precise tuning. Varnish finish. Unbleached bone nut and saddle.

The instrument has a remarkable and quick attack with tremendous lows and crisp highs and is very well balanced. It is quite shocking at first strum but a sound that will leave you wanting more. Excellent projection, sustain, and clarity all the way up the neck. A wonderful playing and sounding instrument for both the recreational player and the seasoned  musician. ID#200043

Price: SOLD

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