Custom Ono Tenor Ukulele


Preowned. Beautiful Custom Ono Tenor Ukulele handcrafted by David Ingalls of Ashland, Oregon.

Luthier Bio

In 2011, David visited a ukulele luthier with the intention of ordering a custom instrument. He was irresistibly drawn to the building process and set out to build one on his own and the rest is now history. Prior to ukuleles, David had built sailboats and had also enjoyed the precise demands of machine work so the transition into ukuleles was not a foreign one. His background in woodworking, along with the specific demands in sailboat construction required to make a vessel seaworthy, made for a seamless transition into the world of precision craftsmanship in handcrafted instruments.

“The greatest joy that I find in building ukuleles is when people love playing their Onos as much as they enjoy looking at them. Of course, playability and the quality of the music that they make are primary, but also central to the craft is that an instrument should inspire its owner to take it out of the case every so often just to admire its beauty.” -David Ingalls

This beautiful custom Ono tenor ukulele boasts a Port Orford Cedar soundboard laminated on its underside with a tight grain spruce, giving the instrument a focused and bold tone. The back and sides was cut from a premium set of Hawaiian Kolohala, or pheasant wood. Carbon fiber bridge side posts extend on the inside from the waist to the soundboard, stiffening up the sides while driving the vibrations back into the soundboard of the instrument. Kolohala wood fingerboard and bridge consistent with the family of woods frequently used on some of the best guitars in the world, this piece boasts a dual side sound port – one on the upper bout and a second on the lower bout with no soundhole on the soundboard, which allows maximum excitement of the vibrations across the entire top of the instrument. The result is a huge sound that projects upwards towards the ears of the player and outward toward the audience as well.  Granadillo wood top and back binding compliment the natural colors of the Kolohala wood beautifully. Matching Kolohala wood headstock veneer and heel cap on the back of the instrument where the neck joins to the body. Honduras mahogany neck for added stability and transference of the vibrations back into the soundboard. Professional Gotoh UPT geared tuners for a traditional look yet precise tuning for quick and easy play. The instrument also boasts a smooth-to-the-touch poreless satin finish, making the instrument comfortable and easy to cradle when playing.

This beautiful Custom Ono Tenor Ukulele is characterized with a big, bold sound with an oomph behind it. It has a wonderful and balanced sound that would be an attractive addition to any ukulele collection.  Nice projection and clarity up and down the neck with some wonderful sustain as well. A wonderful playing instrument at a very reasonable price point for a full custom ukulele. #240020

Price: SOLD

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