Custom Mya-Moe “6-String” Baritone Ukulele


Circa 2021 – Preowned. Excellent Condition. Custom Mya-Moe “6-String” Baritone Ukulele handcrafted by Cary Kelly of Wilmette, IL. This beautiful custom ukulele remains in gently played condition and incorporates a wonderful example of simple elegance defined in master grade Pacific Northwest Myrtle wood.

Handcrafted of quarter-sawn tiger curl Pacific Northwest Myrtle wood on face, back and sides, this beautiful instrument has a number of upgrades in addition to the upgrade in wood. It boasts a musicians grade Ebony wood fretboard and bridge with a Walnut wood top and back binding and matching Walnut wood bound fretboard, offering a beautiful contrast with the lighter grain colors of the Myrtle wood. Gorgeous black-white-black purfling lines on the top and back with a single black purfling line on the side of the instrument and a Walnut wood rosette in keeping with the theme of the instrument. The bound fretboard also adds for smooth play up and down the neck and also has a slight radius, making for easy barring of chords and a more comfortable position for the wrist in higher positions on the neck. Solid Honduras mahogany wood neck for added stability and transference of the vibrations back into the sound box. Side-of-neck position markers on positions 3, 5, 7, 10, 12, and 15 for quick reference. An elegant “Manta Ray” inlay of black and white mother of pearl on position 12 of the fretboard. Paired with the wide grain curls of the Myrtle wood, the themed “Manta Ray” inlay portrays this gentle giant gliding through the ocean waves. A 14 fret neck joint to the body for extended reach in the higher positions on the neck with 19 overall frets to the sound hole. Classic signature headstock design of Maple and Leopardwood representing the Mya-Moe brand. Professional geared machine tuners for smooth and precise tuning. Hand-rubbed oil finish. Neck strap button and end pin at the butt of the instrument.

Myrtle, one of North America’s most exotic woods, is widely known for possessing tonal qualities similar to Maple wood with a clear and bright tone and nice projection but slightly more round. This beautiful Custom Mya-Moe “6-String” Baritone Ukulele is characterized with a mellow, open, and balanced sound.  Perfect for strumming and singing along or as an accompanying instrument. A wonderful playing instrument at a very reasonable price point for a full custom ukulele. ID#230005.

Price: SOLD

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