Custom Mya-Moe ‘Resonator’ Tenor Ukulele


(C. 2019) – Cascade Series. Custom Mya-Moe Resonator Tenor Ukulele handcrafted by Cary Kelly of White Salmon, WA. This beautiful custom ukulele remains in gently played condition and incorporates a wonderful tribute to the historical resonator ukuleles of yesteryear. The Cascade Series denotes an instrument which is made to minimize the impact on the environment. Towards this goal, body woods are used that are either currently sustainable, or can be harvested in a sustainable fashion. Port Orford Cedar is used for the neck and internal blocks, while Maple is used for the fretboard and bridge.

There are a number of other facets to the Mya-Moe Cascade Series:

• Over 80% of wood suppliers are within a 5 hour drive

• Mya-Moe plants a tree for each Cascade Series instrument built

• Offcuts from making necks are used to make internal blocks

• And, other offcuts go to local artisans who use them for making jewelry

The playability, acoustics and aesthetics of The Cascade Series instruments meet the rigorous standards and goals at Mya-Moe. Handcrafted of quarter-sawn Master grade quilted Maple face, back and sides, this beautiful instrument boasts a matching Maple wood fretboard, consistent with the best in recording level instruments. The top and back binding and bound fretboard are crafted with exquisite Walnut wood, giving a nice contrast with that of the Maple wood. Gorgeous black-white-black top and back purfling lines and a single side black purfling line for a subtle aesthetic appeal. The bound fretboard also adds for smooth play up and down the neck and is highly recommended for players who enjoy playing higher up on the neck. Gorgeous paua shell position markers on positions 3, 5, 7, 10, 12, and 15 for quick reference. A 14 fret neck joint to the body for extended reach in the higher positions on the neck with 19 overall frets to the sound hole. Classic signature headstock design of Walnut and Maple wood representing the Mya-Moe brand. Radiused fingerboard for ease of play on the wrist angle in the higher positions on the neck. Professional Planetary geared machine tuners for smooth and precise tuning, Port Orford Cedar wood neck for reduced weight and added stability.  Hand-rubbed oil finish. Neck strap button and strap button at the butt of the instrument.

This beautiful Custom Mya-Moe resonator tenor ukulele is characterized with a bright, bold tone and full open sound.  Nice projection and clarity up and down the neck with exceptional low end and mid-range with crisp highs. ID#200049

Price: SOLD

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