Custom Mitsuta Morishita Ukulele


Preowned. 2020. Custom Mitsuta Tenor Ukulele handcrafted by luthier Mitsuta Morishita of Hiroshima, Japan. A highly respected Japanese luthier, Mitsuta Morishita is a self taught luthier who began his building career in 1990. His instruments are played by some of Japan’s most regarded ukulele musicians, including musician and ukulele instructor, Kyas of Kochi, Japan among others. Mitsuta has a 3-4 year waitlist for new instruments and preowned instruments also rarely appear on the open market. Among his many accomplishments, Mitsuta is known as the luthier who collaborated with Anuenue Ukulele to create the Moon Bird model after one of his own instrument designs.

This beautiful Custom Mitsuta Tenor Ukulele was handcrafted of premium tight grained curly Hawaiian Koa wood on the face, back, and sides. The fingerboard and bridge were cut from a set of Gabon ebony wood with a matching top and back headstock veneer also in ebony wood. Honduran mahogany wood neck for added stability and transference of the vibrations back into the body of the instrument. Rosewood top and back binding and a matching rosewood bound fretboard and headstock. The instrument also boasts a purplish paua shell on the body, rosette, fretboard, and headstock of the instrument with a red purfling line accent on the soundboard, fretboard, headstock, and back of the instrument and white-black-white purfling lines on the side of the instrument.  Beautiful dolphin inlays of paua shell from the 10th-12th positions for an elegant look and quick reference when playing with side-of-neck position markers for a top down reference when playing as well. Slotted headstock design with professional Gilbert tuners and a thinner neck profile for those seeking this characteristic on a neck profile on their ukulele. Oversized side sound port for a monitor like effect by which the sound fires upwards toward the player in addition to outward towards the audience when playing. Beautiful high gloss finish.

This instrument has a sweet sound and is balanced with wonderful sustain and a nice classic Hawaiian koa wood midrange as is expected from an all koa wood ukulele. A fantastic playing and sounding ukulele from Mitsuta Morishita that rarely appears on the open market in Japan or elsewhere. #230050

Price: SOLD

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