Custom Keller ‘Kiku’ Ukulele / Mini Guitar


Circa 2018. Preowned. Beautifully handcrafted full custom hybrid baritone ukulele handcrafted by master luthier, Michael Keller. In 1975,  Michael Keller began building musical instruments under famed luthier Jeffrey Elliott in Portland, Oregon and after having learned his craft he moved to Rochester, Minnesota.  He has made mostly acoustic guitars for the majority of his career but has since discovered a profound interest in the ukulele and handcrafts a limited number of pieces each year. His instruments are known for their wonderful craftsmanship and sound geared towards both the professional musician and amateur players alike.

A wonderful instrument, this custom Keller ‘Kiku’ 6-string ukulele / mini guitar is extremely versatile and can be tuned from E to E (EADGBE) like a standard guitar or A to A (ADGCEA) like a guitar capoed on the 5th fret, giving it an ukulele low G tuning with an added 5th and 6th string. The instrument has a slightly larger body than a baritone sized ukulele and is a wonderful option for travelers, musicians, and recreational players alike. The back and sides is handcrafted from a master grade set of old growth East-Indian Rosewood with an Engelmann spruce soundboard. Engelmann Spruce is often considered a good substitute for European spruce, possessing a good fundamental and open sound with excellent clarity and a wonderful overall response. This wood combination makes for a wonderful sounding instrument. Matching old growth East-Indian Rosewood top and back headstock plate and Bloodwood top and back binding. Gabon Ebony fretboard and bridge. The neck has been carved from Honduras mahogany for added structural integrity and sustain to transfer of the string vibrations back into the sound box or body. The fretboard has been slightly radiused for ease of play on the wrist angle of the player. Mother-of-pearl Keller logo inlay on the headstock. Mother-of-pearl shell position markers on 3, 5, 7, 9, 12, and 15 with a 14 fret joint to the body and 19 overall frets. Professional Waverly open-geared tuners for smooth and precise tuning.

The instrument is fantastic and is very versatile. Perfect for a traveling musician or someone who just wants to tote a great instrument with them for a vacation or jam session with friends overseas. A full sound with excellent low end and great clarity. A wonderful piece for professional musicians, weekend giggers, and the uke or guitar-lover at heart! ID#200094

Price: $5,650.00

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