Custom Lichty Baritone Ukulele


New. A gorgeous modified custom Lichty baritone ukulele meticulously handcrafted by master luthier Jay Lichty of Lichty Guitars and Ukuleles in Tryon, NC.

Gorgeous Ovangkol wood back and sides with a master grade set of Adirondack spruce soundboard. Ovangkol is a tropical wood from West Africa and is not only sought after after for it’s beautiful shades of color with dark browns, oranges, and blacks in the wood but it is also a prized tonewood that is ideal for guitars and ukuleles. Ovangkol is known for its wonderful tone and is a wood that excels in the lower registers. Paired with one of the finest spruces for acoustic guitars and ukuleles Adirondack spruce, the instrument possesses tremendous projection with a rounded low end and top-end shimmer. The fingerboard and bridge were handcrafted from a musician’s grade Gabon ebony wood fingerboard with a slight radius for added wrist-angle comfort in the higher positions. Honduras mahogany wood neck. East-Indian rosewood top and back binding lends itself to a beautiful contrast with an elegant appeal. Top, back, and side white purfling lines with a zero fret construction. Mother-of-pearl inlay position markers on 3, 5, 7, 10, 12, and 15 with a 15 fret joint neck to the body for added reach in the higher positions. Accent diamond inlays of mother-of-pearl on the body of the instrument. Gotoh stealth slotted headstock geared tuners for precise and smooth tuning. Cutaway design with upper bout alternate porting system and side sound port with the sound firing outward toward the audience but also upward toward the player for a monitor-like effect. Professional K&K pick up for quick plug-and-play.

This beautifully handcrafted modified baritone ukulele was designed with the intention to create an instrument with more overtones and increased sustain. By adjusting the porting from the traditional location to an upper bout porting system he was able to achieve just that. Sweet, full rich tone with fantastic projection and clarity all the way up the neck. This ukulele is a phenomenal instrument aesthetically and tonally.  ID#240035

Price: SOLD

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