Custom Lichty “Ziggy” Baritone Ukulele


Preowned. The “Ziggy” – Modified Baritone ukulele is the masterpiece in fit, finish, playability and tone of collaborative efforts between world renowned ukulele musician, Kimo Hussey, and the meticulous craftsmanship of master luthier Jay Lichty of Lichty Guitars and Ukuleles in Tryon, NC.

Gorgeous Cocobolo wood back and sides with a master grade set Sinker Redwood soundboard. Cocobolo, being in the family of rosewoods, has a beautiful color with dark browns, oranges, and blacks in the wood. It has a wonderful tone and excels in the lower registers as would be expected with a true rosewood. The soundboard was cut from a premium set of Sinker Redwood. Sinker redwood are redwood trees that were harvested and sent downriver to processing mills but sank at some point along the way. They are extremely difficult to recover and are often buried under silt that has accumulated over the years. Nonetheless, these logs are highly sought after by luthiers for their structural and tonal characteristics, having been subjected to low oxygen levels at extreme cold temperatures at the bottom of the river floor. It is very stiff and lightweight, making it ideal for soundboards and uniquely distinct in its structural properties when compared to a typical redwood.

The fingerboard and bridge were handcrafted from a musician’s grade Gabon ebony wood fingerboard with a slight radius for added wrist-angle comfort in the higher positions. Spanish Cedar wood neck. Matching cocobolo wood fretboard, headstock, and top and back binding lends itself to a beautiful contrast with an elegant appeal. Top, back, and side white purfling lines with matching white purfling lines on the fingerboard and headstock highlight the seductive counters of the instrument. Zero fret. Mother-of-pearl inlay position markers on 1, 3, 5, 7, 10, 12, 15 and 17 with a 15 fret joint neck to the body for added reach in the higher positions. Rubner professional geared tuners for precise and smooth tuning. Double cutaway design with an armrest bevel for added comfort when cradling the instrument and a beautiful paua abalone purfling inlay on the soundboard are a few more of the wonderful amenities that have been incorporated in to this beautiful hybrid baritone ukulele. End pin at the butt of the instrument.


Overall Length: 31 1/2

Lower Bout: 10 1/2

Upper Bout: 8 7/8

Waist: 7

Depth: 3

This beautifully handcrafted Lichty “Ziggy” modified baritone ukulele was designed with the intention to create an instrument with more overtones and increased sustain. By adjusting the porting from the traditional location to an upper bout porting system he was able to achieve just that.

Here below is legendary musician Kimo Hussey’s review of this wonderful and beautifully handcrafted Lichty modified baritone ukulele.

“The Ziggy hybrid is an INCREDIBLE instrument and is a real ukulele hot rod.

 The sound is really bright and fresh, almost precocious, and I believe this uke will mature into a sound that will definitely capture the interest and imagination of all who get to hear it. This instrument wins the grand prize for sustain —– Jay, you were right about this and it’s the best sustain I’ve ever experienced.  The  F-Bb-D-G  tuning puts a very nice ring to it and I think is where this ukulele’s tuning “sweet spot” is at.  I’m really thrilled with the sound.
Looks-wise, what I like best about this uke is that it highlights wood —– as is my preference.  Pictures and videos don’t do the bear claw any justice.  It’s a beautiful piece and I love how it just sits there all by itself inviting me to enjoy its beauty. The overall wood composition is truly wonderful.  I like the location of the sound holes. The binding that continues around the fretboard on the tongue is a real stroke of genius.

The action on this uke is definitely trend-setting.  The overall feel of the neck and fretboard combined with the dimensions and fretboard radius all work cooperatively to produce the best “feel” I’ve ever experienced. All of the research and collaboration you’ve done have paid off handsomely.” – Kimo Hussey  ID#230113

Price: SOLD

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