Custom Lichty “Archtop” Longscale Tenor Ukulele


New. This Custom Lichty “19.25 inch” Archtop Tenor Ukulele is an absolute masterpiece and was designed and meticulous handcrafted by master luthier Jay Lichty of Lichty Guitars and Ukuleles in Tryon, NC. Jay crafts each Lichty guitar and ukulele from start to finish in his small luthier shop in the foothills of the Western NC mountains. He has completed over 350 instruments (about 1/2 guitars and 1/2 ukuleles) which have shipped worldwide, from California to Australia, from Kazakhstan to Nashville. His aesthetic, work ethic, and sound has made him one of the most desirable luthiers of handcrafted custom instruments.

Jay Lichty Bio Information

In a small shop tucked into the foothills of the NC Blue Ridge Mountains Jay builds custom handmade acoustic guitars, ukuleles, fiddles and violas. His journey into luthiery came on the heels of a thirty-five year career as a custom home builder and carpenter. His love of playing music combined with these skills made for a natural transition into custom guitar and ukulele building. Jay studied under the tutelage of world-renowned luthier, Wayne Henderson. Over the years Jay has studied with giants in instrument lutherie such as Ervin Somogyi, Charles Fox and Tom Ribbecke.

“I have a deep respect for the builders and methods, both contemporary and past, but I also love to push the envelope by exploring new design ideas and wood selections. I feel each instrument has its own life and spirit. I typically build one at a time with the goal of helping each to reach its full potential. To me, full potential translates into an instrument that is exciting to all of the senses. I take pride in the fact that our ukuleles and guitars are enjoyed and played both professionally and by hobbyists all over the world.” Jay Lichty

Tenor body with cutaway and beveled armrest;  slotted headstock; Koa binding; Waverly gold tuners with Snakewood tuners; Rich Barbera pickup; Ameritage case

Gorgeous quilted Maple back and sides, and headplate with a hand carved master grade Engelmann spruce archtop soundboard. Gabon Ebony wood fingerboard with custom vine inlay and matching Gabon Ebony wood floating bridge, pick guard, and tailpiece. Radius fingerboard for added wrist-angle comfort in the higher positions and ease of play with bar chords and a cantilevered neck, allowing maximum excitement of the soundboard without restriction. Birdseye maple wood neck with a 19.25 inch scale length, 16 frets to the body, and 21 overall frets. Hawaiian Koa wood upper bout port inlay and side sound port provide a monitor-like experience by which the sound fires forward but also upward allowing the player to hear every subtle nuance in sound. Hawaiian Koa wood fretboard veneer and top and back binding, elegant venetian cutaway and soft arm bevel lending itself to a comfortable feel when playing. Top, back, and side wood purfling lines and headstock highlight the seductive contours of this beautiful 19.25 inch scale tenor ukulele. Zero fret. Side-of-neck mother of pearl inlay on positions, 5, 7, 10, 12, and 15 with a 16 fret joint neck to the body for added reach in the higher positions. Upper bout sound ports near with inner tuning port. Slotted headstock design and professional Waverly geared tuners for precise and smooth tuning. 19” “C” tuned tenor ukulele strings are as follows: .024, .029, .038, .0275w or (.029 high g) – listed first through fourth strings. The current set is set of D’addario string but Salvarez also sells singles that can also be used for this instrument.

This beautifully handcrafted Lichty 19.25 inch scale archtop tenor ukulele was designed with the intention to create an instrument with a balanced sound, perfect for jazz music and so much more. This instrument has tremendous articulation with phenomenal note separation and a wonderful clarity all the way up the neck. A highly recommended piece for the professional ukulele player as well as any ukulele enthusiast. ID#:190023

Price: SOLD

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