Custom Lichty Longscale Tenor Ukulele


Preowned. 2021. Extremely beautiful Custom Lichty Longscale Tenor Ukulele handcrafted by Jay Lichty of Lichty Guitars in Tyron, NC. Jay handcrafts a stunningly beautiful instrument with tones that are nothing short of a remarkable custom instrument. This custom Lichty is a stand alone instrument with an extended tenor scale length of 19 inches and tuned to the traditional tenor tuning of gCEA. The longscale is wonderful to play and offers a full range of sound up and down the neck for both the novice and seasoned professional.

This beautiful Custom Lichty ‘Longscale’ Tenor Ukulele was handcrafted from a musician’s grade set of Grandillo wood on the back and sides with a Sinker Rewood soundboard. Sinker redwood are redwood trees that were harvested and sent downriver to processing mills but sank at some point along the way. They are extremely difficult to recover and are often buried under silt that has accumulated over the years. Nonetheless, these logs are highly sought after by luthiers for their structural and tonal characteristics, having been subjected to low oxygen levels at extreme cold temperatures at the bottom of the river floor. Aesthetically, the darker colored streaking is characteristic of a sinker redwood.  It is very stiff and lightweight, making it ideal for soundboards and uniquely distinct in its structural properties when compared to a typical redwood. The woods are from Jay’s reserve of premium wood sets for his finest builds. The fretboard and bridge are radiused and handcrafted of Gabon ebony wood with the neck being carved from solid Honduras mahogany wood for added stability. Gorgeous mother-of-pearl rosette and matching Grandillo wood headstock veneer with classic mother-of-pearl ‘L’ logo for aesthetic appeal. 19 inch scale length with a zero fret. Custom position marker inlays of paua abalone shell on 5, 7, 10, 12, and 15 for quick reference when playing with a 15 fret joint to the body and 21 overall frets to the sound hole. A very nice touch aesthetically with added reach in higher positions on the neck. Venetian cutaway design with Hawaiian Koa wood top and back binding with a matching Hawaiian Koa wood bound fretboard adding to an elegant contrast with the rich dark colors of the Grandillo wood. Classy and functional arm bevel of Hawaiian Koa for added comfort when cradling the instrument. Deep-bodied side sound port for a monitor like experience when playing, and a Grandillo wood headstock veneer are a few more amenities that attest to the functional beauty of this custom Lichty longscale tenor ukulele. Bone nut and saddle. High gloss nitrocellulose finish. Professional Gotoh Stealth geared tuners for precise and smooth tuning. K&K twin pick up for quick plug and play.

Absolutely amazing tones and a true joy to play. This instrument has excellent projection, sustain, and a wonderful warm sound with great clarity and note separation as well. Very easy to navigate up and down the neck with a comfortable center balance too. Great for picking or strumming, this one is a beauty with an aesthetic entirely unique to itself. #220057

Price: SOLD

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