Custom Lichty ‘Baby Bard’ 6-String Kiku


Circa 2018. Preowned. Extremely beautiful custom Lichty ‘Baby Bard / Ziggy Model’ 6-String Kiku handcrafted by Jay Lichty of Lichty Guitars in Tyron, NC. Jay handcrafts a stunningly beautiful instrument with tones that are nothing short of a remarkable custom ukulele. This particular ukulele has been preowned but was meticulously cared for since its completion and shows very little play wear.

The Baby Bard Ziggy Model 6-String Kiku is a stand alone instrument with a scale length similar to a baritone ukulele. It has tremendous versatility, playability, and a remarkable sound as well. The Kiku is the ultimate in fun and playability while maintaining a tone that could not be achieved by simply connecting a six string neck to a baritone ukulele body. When an instrument evolves past its traditional design and sings with a voice that is unlike any other it stands out from the crowd and it stands alone. Such an instrument deserves a spotlight and begs for its own distinct name. So it is that the name Kīkū (pronounced kee koo) was born. It is a term coined by Zanuck Lindsey and Nara Cardenas with collaboration between famed Hawaii musicians’ Kimo Hussey and Zanuck in the design of this amazing instrument.

This beautiful Custom Lichty ‘Baby Bard / Ziggy Model’ 6-String Kiku was handcrafted from a musician’s grade set of Cocobolo wood on the back and sides with a Sitka Bear Claw Spruce soundboard. The fretboard and bridge are handcrafted of Gabon ebony wood and the neck is carved from solid Honduras mahogany wood for added stability. Gorgeous hand cut paua shell half-rosette on upper bout and classic ‘L’ logo for aesthetic appeal. Special order custom position marker inlays on 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 12, and 15 for quick reference when playing. A very nice touch aesthetically. Hawaiian Koa wood top and back binding with a matching Hawaiian Koa wood bound fretboard adding to an elegant contrast with the rich dark colors of the Cocobolo wood. Deep-bodied side sound port and dual upper bout ports near the neck for a monitor like experience when playing, and a slotted headstock with matching Cocobolo wood veneer are a few more amenities that attest to the functional beauty of this Custom Lichty Baby Bard / Ziggy Model 6-String Kiku. Camel bone nut and saddle. High gloss nitrocellulose finish. Professional Rubner geared tuners for precise and smooth tuning.

Absolutely amazing tones and a true joy to play. This instrument is a world-class recording level instrument with excellent projection, sustain, and clarity. Very easy to play all the way up the neck. Great for picking or strumming. Currently, this Kiku is set up with ‘eaDGBE’ tuning, which would be similar to a baritone ukulele tuning with the added ‘ea’ bass strings on strings 5 and 6. The fifth and sixth strings are tuned one octave higher than standard ‘EA’ tuning of the guitar. The instrument can, however, also be tuned E to E tuning or A to A like a guitar if you prefer as well and would require changing out the strings for this set up. A very versatile instrument with a great tone from a highly recommended luthier, Jay Lichty. ID:#200034

Price: SOLD

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