Custom Les Rietfors Pineapple Soprano Ukulele


Handcrafted on the island of Oahu, this beautiful Custom Les Rietfors Pineapple Soprano Ukulele remains in overall very nice condition. Les Rietfors ukuleles are tremendously rare and a wonderful collectors’ and players’ ukulele that rarely surface on the open market. They are exceptional playing instruments and have a connection to the people and culture of Hawaii, bearing the Hawaiian flag or the Hawaiian coat of arms inlay on the headstock.

This beautiful Les Rietfors pineapple soprano ukulele boasts a gorgeous Hawaiian Koa wood face, back, & sides with Maple wood fretboard and bridge. Maple wood top binding with matching Maple wood herringbone soundboard purfling with matching rosette are a few of the simple but elegant amenities represented on this beautiful piece. Classy Hawaiian coat of arms wood inlay on headstock of Hawaiian mango wood and rosewood. Honduran mahogany neck and Grover closed-geared machine tuners. Gorgeous twin dolphin sound hole meticulously handcut giving added character to the instrument.

Les Rietfors’ ukuleles are frequently enjoyed by recreational players and collectors alike. They are rather difficult to come by but have a wonderful connection to Hawaii and a wonderful tonal personality as well. Unfortunately, Les Rietfors has since passed away in 2005 but his love of music, the Hawaiian culture and people, and the art of ukulele luthiery lives on through his legacy of beautifully handcrafted instruments. This instrument is in overall very nice condition with one area that might have had a repair near the neck joint and back plate of the body – almost in the shape of a triangle. There is also a small hairline along the edge of the back plate that I cannot tell whether it’s in the finish or in the wood itself. Both areas are stable and do not move when pressing on them. If you run your fingers over the top of either of them they are both smooth and appear to be more cosmetic. Neither impacts the sound or structural integrity of the instrument. Please see photos for more details.

The instrument has wonderful and classic open soprano sound with great projection and clarity as well. The ‘barkiness’ of the aged Koa give this ukulele a nice punch yet balanced sound. It is also a very comfortable instrument to cradle and play. String action is set well and easy to play all the way up on the neck. A highly recommended collectible and full custom ukulele. ID#:200105

Price: SOLD

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