Custom Kula Baritone Ukulele


Preowned. 2016. A work of art! Beautiful custom baritone Kula ukulele handcrafted by master luthier Crist Pung of the Big Island, HI. Crist handcrafts very unique aesthetically pleasing ukuleles that also play wonderfully for both the weekend musician and recreational player.

This wonderful custom baritone ukulele is crafted from a gorgeous Hawaiian Koa wood face, back, and sides. Matching curly Hawaiian Koa wood fretboard, bridge, and head-plate.  Faux tortoise shell top and back binding and white purfling lines on the face, back, and sides with stylish matching faux tortoise shell end graph. The neck is carved from Honduran mahogany wood and is carbon fiber reinforced for added stability. 14 frets to the body and 20 overall frets to the soundhole.  Vintage bone nut and saddle, mother of pearl side dots, professional open-geared Grover geared tuners for precise tuning, abalone or ‘paua’ shell rosette inlay and much more.

The theme inlay for the piece is “Enjoy Music” or more colloquially a “Joyful Sound” – a compound of two Japanese Kanji characters that literally means “music” when combined.  The top character is the character for “sound” and the lower character literally meaning “joyful or pleasant”. Various orientations of paua shell were used to accomplish the intricate inlay for the Japanese character inlay on the headstock and the Japanese crane or ‘tsuru’ on the fingerboard.

Wonderful depth of tones from the all Koa wood fact, back, and sides construction. Excellent sustain and projection with a nice warm sound and a true joy to play. The instrument is also very well center balanced which makes for a very comfortable instrument as you cradle it up against your body. A wonderful piece for artists, weekend giggers, and the uke-lover at heart!

Price: SOLD

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