Custom Kula ‘Clown Fish’ Tenor Ukulele


A work of art! Beautiful custom tenor Kula ukulele handcrafted by master luthier Crist Pung of the Big Island, HI. Crist handcrafts very unique aesthetically pleasing ukuleles that also play wonderfully for both the professional musician and recreational player.

This wonderful custom tenor ukulele was handcrafted from gorgeous Hawaiian Macadamia Nut wood back and sides harvested from a private estate on the Big Island of Hawaii and a master grade set of Western Cedar on the soundboard, giving this instrument excellent low end with a responsive warm and full tone. A beautiful Hawaiian hardwood and family of spreading evergreen trees, a medium to large Hawaiian Macadamia nut tree frequently grows to around 30 to 40 ft. high and almost as wide. In woodworking, it is most noted for its snake-skin appearance being a true lacewood relative, which also includes Silky Oak and Leopardwood. It is as unique and beautiful a hardwood out of Hawaii as can be with wonderful tonal offerings and an aesthetic appeal entirely unique to is own from the islands. Musicians grade Macassar Ebony wood fretboard, bridge, and top head-plate with a feathered crotch Hawaiian Koa wood back head-plate. Gorgeous Hawaiian Nai’o wood, or false Sandalwood, top and back binding with a matching transitional arm bevel for ease of cradling. Stylish black-white-black purfling lines on top, back, sides, headstock, fingerboard, and more, giving the contours of the instrument greater definition while attesting to the skill-level of the luthier, Crist Pung. The neck was carved from Honduran Mahogany wood and a carbon fiber truss-rod was inserted for added stability and sustain. 14 frets to the body and 18 overall frets to the soundhole.  Vintage bone nut and saddle and professional Waverly open-geared tuners with Ebony wood buttons for precise tuning are a few more amenities to this beautiful instrument.

The inlay…absolutely meticulous! The headstock and fingerboard inlay theme of this ukulele is ‘Send in the Clowns’, with three clownfish dancing among the tentacles of a sea anemone. Headstock inlay constitutes of pink abalone shell, mother-of-pearl, and reconstructed stone. The fingerboard inlay is wildly detailed as well and was handout with green abalone inlay of a beautiful puffer fish. Matching green abalone rosette inlay. A truly wonderful piece of art themed perfectly on a beautifully functioning and professional grade recording instrument.

Wonderful depth of tones from this wood combination with remarkable warmth and low end. Excellent sustain and projection and a true joy to play. The instrument is also very well center balanced which makes for a very comfortable instrument as you cradle it up against your body. A wonderful piece for professional musicians, weekend giggers, and the uke-lover at heart! ID#:180108

Price: SOLD

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