Custom Ko’olau Tenor Ukulele


Preowned. 2018. Custom ukuleles by Ko’olau Ukulele company. Absolutely stunning Custom Ko’olau Tenor Ukulele handcrafted here on the island of Oahu by one of Hawaii’s foremost luthiers, Noa Bonk. A Ko’olau CS by designation, this model has a more rounded body shape and a radiused fretboard. It comes complete with all the added amenities that really lends itself to being both aesthetically pleasing and a wonderful recording level ukulele. Only a handful of these premium models are handcrafted each year by master luthier Noa Bonk.

The body is crafted with a gorgeous set of Hawaiian Primavera wood, harvested on the island of Oahu. This wood is one of the more exotic woods in Hawaii and is widely known as the Golden Shower Tree in Hawaii, for its full bloom of yellow flowers. In the world of finely crafted guitars, it is often referred to as “Blonde” or “White Mahogany”, and has a natural iridescence to it that is uniquely all its own. It is light in weight and has superb resonance, giving the ukulele a very sweet and full-bodied sound. Instrument grade Gabon ebony wood fretboard and bridge with a 12″ radius for ease on the wrist angle in the higher positions on the neck. The radius also makes fretting bar chords much easier for the player.  Gorgeous dark  curly Hawaiian Koa wood rosette, matching top and back binding, end graft, and headstock veneer. Black-red-black top, back, and side purfling lines for an elegant appeal in keeping with the theme of a true recording level instrument. A Hondurasn mahogany wood neck for insured stability finished in satin style and professional Gotoh geared tuners for quick and precise tuning.  The instrument also boasts a stylish ginger flower inlay of reconstructed stone on the fingerboard and matching red reconstructed stone Ko’olau logo on the headstock. High gloss finish on body and satin style finish on the neck allows for the player’s hands to move freely up and down the neck without concern of ‘sticking’ as you play.

Tonally, this beautiful Custom Ko’olau CS Tenor Ukulele is a true recording-level instrument with nice deep rich low tones and well balanced mid-range and high tones as well. Wonderful clarity, sustain, and projection all the way up the neck. A wonderful tone that rings true “Hawaii” with every strum and a custom piece that is rarely available. ID#210072.

Price: SOLD

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