Custom Kinnard Baritone Ukulele


New. Beautiful John Kinnard Baritone Ukulele handcrafted in Fallbrook, California with the utmost attention to detail and tone. This beautiful Custom John Kinnard Baritone ukulele is the masterpiece in fit, finish, playability and tone of collaborative efforts between world renowned ukulele musician, Kimo Hussey, and the meticulous craftsmanship of master luthier John Kinnard of Kinnard Ukuleles in Fallbrook, CA. This beautiful baritone can be set up to be played in traditional baritone tuning of dgbe or 2 semitones below standard C tuning (i.e a full step) with an alternate string set.  This would put it in Bb tuning or F Bb D G. To tune it to gCEA Kinnard recommends some very low tension strings due to the added tension of the 19 7/8 inch scale. A third alternative is the high D tuning of ‘DGBE’ where the ‘D’ is one octave higher than the traditional baritone tuning. Currently, this ukulele is strung up with a standard DGBE baritone tuning.

The instrument has tremendous range, sustain, and versatility. It is a remarkable instrument that offers a full and rich tone. This is a unique piece that would be treasured among even the most renowned professional ukulele musicians and the recreational player alike.

John Kinnard Biography

Nestled in the foothills of northern San Diego County just inland from the coast, sits the small village of Fallbrook, California.  Known for its mild climate and laid back lifestyles, artisans of different genres cultivate their craft inspired by the beauty of the valleys and mountains that surround the town.
One such artist is John S. Kinnard, an “old school” luthier who has established himself as a master of his trade in a day when CNC machines cough out “cookie cutter” parts to be assembled like a child’s puzzle.

Working out of his one man shop, John arguably builds some of the finest stringed instruments in the world by hand.  He does them one by one – molding and shaping the parts and assembling them to create instruments that not only look stunning when completed, but also possess something that the mass produced instruments lack – the soul of the luthier. John has been building guitars, mandolins and ukuleles in a career that has spanned more than forty five years and is best known as the luthier behind the Dell’ Arte brand of gypsy style guitars played around the world. Like many artists, his creativity spills over into other mediums including oil and watercolor painting and also jewelery making – talents that have served him well in making him the luthier he is today.

From painting he developed an eye for proportion and style.  From designing and making jewelry it trained him to look for the smallest flaws and build with an attention to detail that has become the hallmark of his work as a luthier.  When people talk about the construction of his instruments the one word you hear more than any other is the word “clean”. Building with superior materials together with top shelf construction and attention to detail, you end up with a beautiful instrument.  Add in the soul of the luthier and you end up with an instrument that is something organic and very special.  That is what John strives for in every instrument he builds…

Beautiful Style 3 Custom John Kinnard Baritone Ukulele. Master grade flamed tiger Maple wood back and sides with a Torrefied Sitka spruce soundboard, at first glance you would think this instrument has a bright sound with the wood combinations mentioned above. In the hands of John, however, this ukulele is on contrary exactly the opposite. It has tremendous warmth and clarity with great note separation. The ‘torrefied’ process is a process in which the wood is thermo-treated over an extended period in an oxygen-free kiln. This process extracts the natural oils and resins of the wood, rapidly advancing the structural composition of the soundboard and giving it an ‘aged’ and ‘open’ sound. The ukulele also boasts a 13 fret joint to the body and 20 overall frets to the sound hole, keeping the bridge in the optimum location of the body and yielding the fullest sound.  With a hand-tuned Sitka soundboard, this ukulele has a wonderful and sweet tone.

The fingerboard was hand carved from Gabon Ebony wood with a 12”-20”compound radius fingerboard from the nut to the sound hole for ease of play higher up on the neck, and a Gabon Ebony wood bridge and headstock veneer in keeping with the theme of the instrument. Curly Hawaiian Koa wood top and back binding and matching end graph and a series 3 motif accent Hawaiian Koa wood and paua shell rosette are a few more amenities that add to the beauty of this custom Kinnard baritone ukulele. A double carbon fiber reinforced Tiger Maple wood neck has also been employed to match the back and sides of the instrument and stiffen up the neck and transfer the vibrations back into the body of the ukulele. Cutaway for quick and easy reach higher up on the neck. Professional Gotoh UPT tuners for smooth and precise tuning. Z-slotted headstock and side sound port for monitor like experience. High gloss finish on the body with a satin neck finish. String up with Oasis low G smooth for the 4th. Worth .036. For the 3rd. .031 For the 2nd. .026 for the 1st – in DGBE tuning. In Bb tuning, you can use a set of Worth clear with a oasis low g or Fremont smooth wound low g.

A beautifully handcrafted custom ukulele with great ease of play, comfort, and tone. Excellent projecting, sustain, and clarity. A wonderful instrument handcrafted by a skilled luthier who finds excellent balance between aesthetics, function, and tone. ID#220009

Price: SOLD

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