Custom KG Tenor Ukulele


New. Custom Kotaro Guitars & Ukuleles Tenor Ukulele. An absolutely beautiful ukulele handcrafted on the island of Oahu, HI by master luthier Rob Kurosu.

Born into a military family, Rob spent his early years traveling around the world.  After graduating from the University of Colorado in Boulder, he was commissioned and served as a pilot in the US Navy before retiring and settling in Hawaii.  Still itching for travel and adventure, Rob and his family next sailed the South Pacific on a catamaran and explored New Zealand for a year before finally returning to Kailua. He is a graduate of the prestigious Galloup School of Guitar Building in Big Rapids, Michigan and has extended his passion for luthiery to include handcrafted custom ukuleles in limited numbers to select clientele each year. His work ethic is truly uncompromising with the utmost attention to detail and a sound that parallels the exquisite craftsmanship of each instrument. A remarkable luthier with a passion for perfection, playability, and great tone.

Master grade Hawaiian curly Mango wood back and sides with a gorgeous Sitka Spruce soundboard. This set of Hawaiian Mango wood is absolutely stunning with high figure in the wood and rich vertical dark streaks – when bookmatched, the dark streaks resemble that of an arrowhead. Colors in the wood represent a broad spectrum and traces of color that range from  greens to golden brown to reddish-brown to dark browns found in the vertical streaking of the wood, all attesting to the unique visual characteristics of Hawaiian Mango wood. An elegant Hawaiian curly Koa wood binding on the face and back and a matching Hawaiian Koa wood end graft give a subtle contrast to the hues of the back and sides of the body.  Gabon ebony wood fretboard bound in Hawaiian Koa wood and slotted headstock design also contribute the the wonderful aesthetics of this custom tenor ukulele. Gorgeous  double ‘paua’ abalone shell rosette sandwich a piece of spalted Mango wood that was found on the shores of Kailua beach on the East side of the island of Oahu. Accent wood purfling lines on top, back, and sides for added aesthetic appeal. Radiused ebony wood fingerboard (16′) for ease of play with compensated bone nut and saddle. The radius on the fretboard provides added comfort on the wrist angle, especially at higher positions up on the neck. Brass style position markers have been inlaid on the side of the bound fretboard for a top down perspective and quick reference, leaving the fretboard with a clean, elegant appeal. Mahogany wood neck and truss rod insert for added stability and increased sustain on the instrument. A classic KG or ‘Kotaro Guitars & Ukuleles’ logo inlaid of Hawaiian Koa wood. Premium Waverly machine tuners for smooth and precise tuning.  Nitrocellulose high-gloss finish on body with a satin style neck for smooth play up and down the neck.

This instrument is a true pleasure to play and has a wonderful tone. It has a lovely response and is quite light in weight as well. The intonation is set perfectly as well and the ukulele has a nice even and balanced sound up and down the neck with wonderful clarity, articulation, and a nice sweet tone. Hawaiian Mango wood, being slightly warmer sounding than the bark and mid-range focus achieved by that of an instrument handcrafted entirely of Hawaiian Koa wood, this instrument has both warmth and a top-end shimmer from the spruce – a wonderful combination in sound and aesthetics. A highly recommended full custom ukulele rarely available on the open market from one of Hawaii’s great ukulele luthiers. ID#230075.

Price:  SOLD

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