Custom Ken Franklin Tenor Ukulele


Preowned. Gorgeous This custom ukulele was built by luthier Ken Franklin in Ukiah, California. Ken has been building guitars for over 50 years and has also added an ukulele to the list of handcrafted instrument out of his shop since 2012.

This beautiful custom Ken Franklin tenor ukulele was handcrafted of a flamed Myrtle wood back and sides with a Engelmann spruce soundboard. Alaska Yellow cedar neck for added stability and transference of the vibrations back into the body of the instrument. The sides of the body have also been doubled to stiffen it up and drive the vibrations into the soundboard. Oval soundhole and matching by which the sound fires outward toward the audience and an oval side sound port by which the sound also projects upward toward the player for a monitor like effect. Gabon ebony wood bridge and fretboard with 20″ radius for ease of play in the higher positions on the neck. Professional Gotoh UPT geared tuners for smooth and precise tuning. Semi-gloss oil varnish finish. A clear pick guard has been installed on the upper bout of the ‘A’ string side of the body as well as integrated strap buttons on the neck and butt of the instrument.

This instrument also boasts a scaled down X brace on the underside of the soundboard. This gives the top sufficient stiffness without making it too ridged.  The result is a fantastic low end with balanced midrange and a shimmer on the top end. Excellent projection and clarity. #240031

Price: $2,800.00

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