Custom Kawika “6-String” Tenor Ukulele


Preowned. Custom ukuleles by Kawika Ukulele. Beautiful Kawika 6-String Tenor Ukulele in wonderful original condition. This piece is tremendously rare and was handcrafted by David “Kawika” Hurd of the Big Island of Hawaii, one of Hawaii’s highly regarded luthiers. David Hurd has since retired from his passion of building ukuleles but his instruments are amongst the most desired and rare Hawaii-made ukuleles around. They have a wonderful tone and are excellent for both recreational players and professional musicians.

This beautiful Kawika 6-String tenor ukulele was handcrafted of a gorgeous set of curly Hawaiian Koa wood face, back, & sides with a Gaboon ebony wood fingerboard and bridge. Rare Hawaiian Koa wood neck with a zero fret and black-white-black-white-black rosette. The instrument has a sound that is tremendously full and almost harp-like. It has a very warm and full sound with that classic Hawaiian Koa wood mid-range punch. This ukulele is perfect as an accompanying instrument when playing in a group or for players who enjoy singing along as well. The action is set well and it’s a true wonder for playability. Kawika Ukuleles infrequently surface on the open market and are some of the most treasured instruments in Hawaii. #230131

Price: SOLD



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