Kanile’a Platinum ‘Super Tenor’ Ukulele


2020. Preowned. Kanile’a Platinum ‘Super Tenor’ Ukulele. Since before Kanile’a was founded, Joe Souza was innovating and creating new and sometimes outrageous designs. His first ukulele was a concert body with a tenor neck, now known as a super-concert or long-neck concert. Other designs that were pushing the boundaries have made an impact in the ukulele world, like the guitarlele, super-tenor, and the 19″ tenor scale length. Having grown up as an ukulele player, Joe understood what might work well, from a player’s perspective. It took years to perfect the craft of playing as well as building. Musicianship was taught to Joe by his late mother and his late aunt starting when he was in the 4th grade. His training as a luthier began with the late, “Uncle” Peter Bermudez in 1991. Though gone, their teachings will never be forgotten. Now his 3 sons, Kaimana, Iokepa, and Kahiau are actively learning and absorbing the knowledge that has been passed down through many generations. Blending new age abilities and paying homage to the education from previous generations, Kanile’a is proud to present the 2020 Limited Edition Platinum Super Tenor.

With the input from Joe, Kaimana, Iokepa, and Kahiau, the Souza men collaborated on this model to create something truly spectacular. This instrument is the first Platinum model that was not solely designed by Joe. ID#200059

The 2020 Platinum Features:

  • Exclusive Super Tenor Body with an off-centered sound hole allowing for maximum soundboard utilization
  • Exclusive Platnium Slotted Headstock seen only once before on the 2018 Platnium with Gotoh Stealth Tuners
  • Exclusive “Pa Hono” inlay in Kailua beach sand representing family and knowledge
  • Exclusive 5-ring rosette with beach sand and Kilohala representing the 5 Souzas
  • Exclusive retro logo from 1998 inlaid in beach sand
  • Kanile’a armrest and bevel in Hawaiian Kolohala wood
  • Side-sound-port with maple wood trim
  • Maple wood front and back binding with matching tail strip and back strip
  • UV gloss body with UV silk neck and ebony appointments
  • 17 inch traditional tenor scale with exaggerated lower bout ‘Super Tenor’ design

Price: SOLD

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