1920s Kamaka “Shell Inlay” Ukulele


Collectible Kamaka Ukulele

Circa 1920s. Custom Kamaka ‘Shell Inlay’ Soprano Ukulele. This special run of ‘shell inlay’ ukuleles are amongst the most desirable and collectible Kamaka ukuleles to have been made and they were considered the custom order instruments of Kamaka’s yesteryear. They are extremely rare and only fashioned in very low quantities during the late 1920s and into the early 1930s. The shell inlay models were typically done on the pineapple design due to the popularity of the shape at the time but, even at that, they were only done in very low quantities. Shell inlay on the traditional shaped ukuleles are even more difficult to find and rarely ever seen on the open market.

Here is one wonderful “survivor” example of a true historical traditional shaped Kamaka ukulele with shell inlay. The top, back, and sides were made with Mahogany wood. Abalone shell rosette and matching shell soundboard and neck inlay. Beautiful original Kamaka headstock decal. Internal label is peeling but present. This historical instrument shows numerous nicks, dings, scratches, and several repairs on the top, back, and sides – but even at that it’s coolness factor and rarity is off the charts. The finish has also flaked off in several locations over the shell inlay as well but this seems to add to the patina and would be a prized centerpiece for ukulele collectors and fans across the world. The intonation is less than ideal and so this ukulele finds its greatest strength in its rarity and for its collectable value on the Kamaka family history.

A remarkable survivor instrument and rare collectible from Kamaka. ID#:210006

Price: $4,500.00

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