Custom Kai “Kane” Tenor Ukulele


Preowned. Custom Kai “Kane” Tenor Ukulele by Takayuki Mori of M’s Craft. Handcrafted in Saitama, Japan, this ukulele is an incredible piece of functional art from one of Japan’s most foremost luthiers in custom ukuleles. Takayuki Mori has a long history of finely handcrafted ukuleles, many of which showcase his skillful hand at themed inlay work. In addition to the numerous instrument fairs he has attended over the years, Takayuki has also extended his reach to Hawaii by participating in the Ukulele Guild of Hawaii (UGH) Exhibition a number of years ago. Each of his instruments continue to inspire professional musicians, peer luthiers, and recreational ukulele lovers worldwide with his stunning attention to detail, pleasing aesthetics, and remarkable tone.

Takayuki Mori handcrafts only a limited number of instruments each year and each possesses its own unique aesthetic and tonal personality. Only a select few who have had the privilege of acquiring one of Takayuki’s ukuleles firsthand understand the quality of his workmanship and the wonderful sound of his instruments. Indeed, a contemporary approach to ukulele luthiery that only comes with decades of experience.

This Custom Kai “Kane” Tenor Ukulele comes complete with premium Hawaiian curly koa wood face, back, and sides. It boasts a five-piece Honduran mahogany wood neck with maple wood stringer for added integrity and transference of the vibrations back into the soundbox, a Gabon ebony wood fretboard, bridge, and matching background headstock plate, curly Hawaiian Koa wood top and back binding with Polynesian “tribal” inlay accents on the top and back waistline of the ukulele. Takayuki also incorporated a matching “tribal” rosette of dyed wood and reconstructed stone and a beautiful matching end graft inlay – note that the inlay at the end graft flows continuously from the top binding through the middle section of the end graft and down through the bottom binding, giving it the appearance that the inlay is one continuous piece at the butt of the instrument. Meticulously done, you get a sense of the skill level of Takayuki’s workmanship and commitment to his craft. Elegant Hawaii Island soundboard inlay of Ebony wood, paying tribute to the largest of the Hawaiian Islands and a themed “Kane” or  “the men” of ancient Hawaii inlay of reconstructed stone, wood, and mother-of-pearl. Elegant top and side, black-white-black purfling lines with a Hawaiian Koa wood bound fretboard sustains the organic, earthy feel of this instrument. Mother-of-pearl side of neck position markers with paua or abalone shell inlay on positions 5, 7, 10, 12, and 15 on the fretboard. Finished with a beautiful high gloss finish.

The aesthetics of this Custom Kai “Kane” Tenor Ukulele brings you back to a time of simplicity in ancient Hawaii. A time when the feathers of ʻI’iwi birds were gently plucked for the ʻahuʻula (feather cloaks) and mahiole (feathered helmets) of the Hawaiian monarchs or ali`i. Wonderful  tonal qualities. Perfect balance, nice highs and a classic punchy Hawaiian Koa wood sound, and perfect intonation as well. This ukulele is a beautiful representation of the historical times of Hawaii’s yesteryear and an excellent playing instrument for the professional musician, weekend enthusiast, and collector alike. A highly sought after custom ukulele that is a rare find for the true uke enthusiast. #230002

Price: SOLD

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