Custom Jeb Wiemer Tenor Ukulele


Circa. 2018. Preowned. Excellent condition. Custom Jeb Wiemer Tenor Ukulele handcrafted on Oahu, HI. Jeb was born in Hawaii and lived in the continental USA for a number of years before returning back the islands. Once he returned to Hawaii, he met Noa Bonk of Ko’olau Guitars and Ukuleles – where he learned the art of ukulele luthiery and apprenticed for several years before starting his own company Wiemer Guitars and Ukuleles in 2011.

This beautiful Jeb Wiemer tenor ukulele was handcrafted of rare Hawaii-grown Cuban Mahogany wood face, back, and sides that was harvested on the island of Oahu. Cuban Mahogany wood is a rare prized wood only available here in Hawaii since it was over harvested in Cuba during the 1800s. It remains amongst the most sought woods  both for it’s tonal properties and its gorgeous appearance. This particular set of Cuban Mahogany is quite exceptional with some gorgeous vertical streaking in the wood as well. Macassar ebony wood fretboard and bridge with a matching Macassar ebony wood headstock plate. Curly Maple wood top and back binding in keeping with the theme of the instrument. Side sound port for monitor like experience. Top rope marquetry with matching rosette. Honduras mahogany wood neck. Slight radius on the fingerboard for ease of play in higher positions on the neck. 14 fret joint to body overall 20 overall frets and position markers inlaid on 5, 7, 10, 12, and 15 for quick reference. Satin finish on the neck with a high gloss finish on the body of the instrument. Curly Maple wood end graft in keeping with the theme of the instrument. Gotoh 4:1 professional geared tuners for quick and precise tuning.

Wonderful and full sound with nice projection and sustain. This ukulele is fun to play up and offers a nice warm and mellow tone with excellent volume. ID#:200040.

Price: SOLD

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