Custom Homero Tenor Ukulele


New 2023. Beautifully handcrafted full custom tenor ukulele handcrafted by luthier, Homero Chapa of Brownsville, Texas. Homero ukuleles offer an aesthetic and approach that is a blend of interests and experiences by Homero that yield an instrument of tremendous beauty – both aesthetically and tonally.

Homero began building musical instruments after having grown up and worked in the agricultural industry, where he first found his passion for nature and the beauty that lies within our everyday lives. After several years in agriculture, Homero took to the construction industry where he worked as a framer and discovered a new interest that blended his passion for beauty with that of woodworking and functional art. He soon built small furniture items such as tables, cabinets, and the like. Today, Homero continues his passion for woodworking through instrument construction by which he created his first guitar in 2017 and ukulele in 2018. A seasoned electrician by trade, Homero understand the importance of precision and has incorporated this into his builds as well. He now finds himself at the culmination of his greatest passions where nature contributes to his builds via the use of unique woods and wood grain to express his passion for natural beauty while handcrafting instruments that offer a gorgeous aesthetic and wonderful sound. The philosophy surrounding his approach is one that revolves around the principle of functional beauty, sound, and playability as he shapes each instrument aesthetically and tonally, revealing the hidden beauty within the trees that surround us.

This wonderful Custom Homero Tenor Ukulele was handcrafted from gorgeous Granadillo wood on the back and sides with a sap wood center strip and Blue Pine wood soundboard. The natural blue-ish grey hues in the wood are the result of a fungus introduced into the tree by a beetle, creating an inconsistent “blue stain” that is purely cosmetic and has no effect on the structural integrity of the wood. The neck was carved from a beautiful set of curly Red Oak with a slight texture to it, providing a heightened sense in the connection between the player and the Red Oak. 14 frets to the body and 18 overall frets to the soundhole and a radiused fretboard for ease of play in higher positions on the neck. Abalone shell with dyed Maple burl rosette with matching abalone shell soundboard inlay. Grandillo top and back binding with a black-white-black purfling line on the top, back, side, fingerboard, and headstock design in keeping with the theme of nature’s beauty within the instrument. Macassar ebony wood fretboard and bridge with subtle browns consistent with musician’s grade materials found on premium guitars and ukuleles. Matching dyed Maple burl wood on the heel cap. Gotoh UPT Gold tuners for quick and precise tuning, and a satin style finish are a few more amenities to this beautiful instrument.

A wonderful breath of tones from this remarkable ukulele both clear and warm with excellent projection. The instrument is slightly heavier than most tenors with has a robust feel but very well center balanced, making it easy to cradle and play. Excellent sustain. A wonderful piece of functional art that is perfect for professional musicians, weekend giggers, and the uke-lover at heart! ID#230103

Price: $3,250.00

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